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Backing Up Your WordPress Site: The Pressidium Approach

May 15, 2015

By Stacey Corrin

How Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Handles Backups


Having regular backups of your website is important for the safety of your content. It’s something that’s drummed into us in articles across the web, in the courses we take and the how-to posts we consume on a daily basis. For anyone working regularly in the web design and development industry, it’s a given.


Without backing up your data, you could lose access to everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

What’s not always so cut and dry, is the process of backing up your WordPress website. With so many tools on the market claiming to help you do this, there’s plenty of room for error.

In this article we’ll explain how Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting handles your backups for you. We’ll look at our process for backing up your data, how we store it and what that means for you and your business.

The Problem With DIY Backups


As you’re no doubt aware, backing up your WordPress site yourself can be an involved process. To begin with there’s the question of how you go about doing it.

Do you:

  • Rely on your web hosts backup service?
  • Manually make copies yourself?
  • Use a free WordPress plugin?
  • Pay for a Premium plugin?

It’s a decision you’ll need to make at some point (if you haven’t already), yet each method has its own issues that could end up costing you both your money and time.

In the case of relying on your host to automatically backup your data and content, we’ve personally seen the fallout that can happen as a result. This is particularly true for dollar shared hosting environments. Many of the accounts we’ve migrated away from these platforms, have had corrupted or unusable host-side backups. There’s simply no guarantee that your backups are safe, intact and in-one piece despite the promises you’re sold on sign-up.

Going down the plugin backup route can also be challenging. Many of the free WordPress plugins on the market can be misleading by only backing up your content. Your database needs to be backed up too if you want to keep your settings intact. Then there’s the fact that a lot of them simply don’t work, or aren’t updated enough.

While the Premium plugins available to you are an improvement on their free counterparts, they pose an additional cost for your business. They’re not cheap and for small businesses with a fixed budget, it could be an expense you simply can’t afford.

The Pressidium Approach To Backups


Pressidium approaches backing up your WordPress website differently. There’s no additional expense on top of your existing hosting package and we don’t mess around with third party plugins. What’s more we have the infrastructure in place as a Managed WordPress Hosting provider, to ensure your backups are as they should be: intact, usable and most of all, kept secure.

There’s actually two ways we approach WordPress backups. The first is as an instant backup initiated from your Pressidium user area. The second is multiple off-site backups.

Understanding Instant Backups


Initiating an instant backup of your WordPress site on the Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform, is an effortless task that takes less than a minute.

From your Pressidium Customer Portal, simply navigate to the site you wish to backup, click “Backup Points” and then select the button that says “Backup Now”. Doing this will instantly create a backup point of your website as it is at that moment. You can then use that backup to restore your data and settings, should something go awry.

Further to this, our infrastructure automagically performs an instant backup of all customer installations on a nightly basis. This is standard across the board and backups are kept for a maximum of 15 days.

Understanding Offsite Backups


Our offsite backups  are a different kettle of fish. These are used for disaster recovery, in-case disaster strikes (acts of god, force major, fires, etc). So in parallel with instant backups which are held onsite, we also backup your content to a secure offsite location daily.

We keep your data offsite for roughly 30 days, however due to our retention policy changing from time to time, we recommend downloading an archive of your files. This is a painless process that is explained along with further reading on our backup process, in this article from our knowledge base.

What This Means For You


So besides the knowledge that should the Zombie Apocalypse occur in our vicinity your data will be intact, what does this mean for you?

Let’s take a look:

  • It means no more dodgy free plugins or expensive premium ones to worry about using (and keeping up to date).
  • It also means no more broken backups should something go wrong and you need to restore.
  • Pressidium managed WordPress Hosting provides a single-click backup. For you, it means that within minutes your site is restored in working order, without it costing you any extra.
  • Lastly should something happen to our infrastructure (which is highly unlikely), your offsite backups will remain safe and secure.

Final Thoughts


We love zombies really, but all joking aside we don’t want to see you struggling to put the pieces of your website back together when something goes wrong. We get your business is your passion, your livelihood and we understand the opportunities a functional, secure and robust site can provide.

That’s why we’ve poured our resources into creating one of the most stable backup systems around. Because without you, there is no Pressidium and without Pressidium, we lose our own passion.


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