Urgent Scheduled Maintenance – From OCT-20 Through OCT-23

October 19, 2015


2015-OCT-23 22:40UTC (RESOLVED)

All systems have been successfully patched and are operating nominally. No disruption of service was detected for any website hosted on the Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform

The urgent scheduled maintenance is now complete.

For real-time status information, please visit the Pressidium Cloud Status page at https://status.pressidium.com

2015-OCT-19 17:48UTC (OPEN)

Due to recent critical security advisories we will be required to perform emergency maintenance on our cloud infrastructure. More specifically we will be applying kernel based security patches to the hypervisors of our virtualization hosts (physical servers).

These updates are required to protect the security and safe operations of not only our infrastructure, but for your site as well.

During the maintenance there will be no impact to your website, and for you and your visitors it will be business as usual. There may be small windows of reduced redundancy as we reboot redundant components of our platform, although no downtime is expected for your website. More specifically, customers may experience reduced redundancy during the following short periods :

  • 2015-OCT-20 – Between 20:00UTC to 23:00UTC
  • 2015-OCT-21 – Between 21:00UTC to 23:00UTC
  • 2015-OCT-22 – Between 20:00UTC to 22:00UTC
  • 2015-OCT-23 – Between 20:00UTC to 22:00UTC

Finally, certain supportive components of our platform will be unavailable during the maintenance and more specifically:

SFTP Service will be Unavailable on Tuesday 2015-OCT-20, between the following hours

  • 23:00UTC to 01:00UTC

The Pressidium Customer Portal will be Unavailable on Wednesday 2015-OCT-21, between the following hours

  • 21:00UTC to 23:00UTC


During the above maintenance window instant backups and clear-cache functionality via the Pressidium® Plugin will not be available

Unfortunately, due to the severity of the security advisories, the above maintenance windows are not re-schedulable although actual unavailability of the above services is expected to be less. Please note that the above maintenance will not affect your site and no-downtime is expected for any website hosted on the Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform.

For real-time status information, please visit the Pressidium Cloud Status page at https://status.pressidium.com


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