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WordPress 4.1.2 Maintenance Release

April 22, 2015

By Stacey Corrin

WordPress Hosting Research

Today, WordPress 4.1.2 was made available (read the release announcement here). This maintenance release fixes a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, as well as further security fixes. See the full changelog here, which lists all of the improvements and bug-fixes now available in 4.1.2.

We are happy to announce that all our customer’s existing WordPress installs hosted on Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform have been successfully upgraded to WordPress 4.1.2. Our DevOps team has also deployed a new vanilla WordPress image so that 4.1.2 is the new production version for all newly created installs also.

All done on the same day of the release – fast aren’t we?

As always if you have any questions about upgrades or if you are experiencing any issues whatsoever after today’s upgrade please don’t hesitate to contact our DevOps team through the support section in the Pressidium Portal. You might also want to read our Safe WordPress Upgrades and How we handle WordPress core updates knowledge-base articles, to learn more about how we handle the upgrade process at Pressidium.

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