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WP-CLI 1.1.0 Released!

February 6, 2017

By Yorgos Fountis

What's new in WP CLI 1.1.0

WP-CLI 1.1.0 was released only a few days ago with a great deal of command and framework improvements as well as bug fixes. WP-CLI is a set of command line tools for managing WordPress installations without the use of a web browser. You can manage multisite installations, plugins, packages, posts and more.  Daniel Bachbuer, WP-CLI’s maintainer,  announced a couple of new things as well:

First, the project’s internal API and commands will be migrating under  The documentation has already been included in the WordPress Handbook and can be edited by project contributors.  Since it is an official WordPress project now, Daniel said the following in a previous post,

“At the end of the day, I am no longer solely responsible for the project. If I were to be hit by a bus, there’s a more recognizable continuation plan for someone else to step in. Eventually, I hope to onboard a couple more maintainers who regularly invest significant time in the project.”

Second, due to the project becoming monolithic, wp-cli’s internal commands will be splitted in several distinct packages. This change will begin to take place with wp search-replace, wp shell, wp serverwp (eval|eval-file), and wp media. This decision will help to distribute the work load among different package maintainers and enhance the project’s overall maintainability.

Third, some wp-cli ideas have been selected for becoming a prototype soon, such as Backup and Restore, 5-min install, DB & Media migration and many more. There is also a Github repository specifically created by the community, for logging ideas.

In this new major release, there were overall 23 improvements on the following commands: cache, listcoredbmediapluginscaffoldsearch-replace, server and site.  You can find the full list of resolved issues for 1.1.0 on the project’s Github repository.

For those that are interested, Daniel is also looking  to hire a part-time maintainer for the project.


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