Jan 2017

How to use Git with your Pressidium website

  In this article we will be discussing how you can integrate a Git repository (or a repository from a different version control system) with your Pressidium website by using an external service such as deployHQ or DeployBot (or any other similar one). We will be using deployHQ as an example (its super easy and has a free tier as well), but the steps needed are similar when using other […]

Dec 2016

Transferring files: the difference between FTP and SFTP.

  The concept of file transferring in computer networks is probably as old as email itself,  if not older. There are many ways and protocols used for file transferring and as technologies have evolved over the years, so has the process of file transferring. One file transfer protocol, which became a standard, is FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP  is a protocol for transferring files via a network (typically a TCP/IP one, […]

Dec 2016

How email works

  The concept of electronic mail is older than the concept of Internet or ARPANET itself,  as it made its first appearance in the 1960s. Electronic mail is a technology used by people to exchange digital messages across a network. It is asynchronous, in the sense that users need not be online all the time in order to communicate. Each user has a mailbox, hosted in an SMTP mail server, which […]