Mar 2017

Demystifying High Availability Architecture

High availability is one of the four "pillars" of an Enterprise architecture. It is also one of the most misunderstood terms in the WordPress hosting world, and that usually leads to further ill communication between clients and businesses. But that shouldn’t be the case. As we will discover shortly, it is a very simple concept to grasp, and once we clear out the confusing bits, you’ll be equipped to evaluate and […]

Feb 2017

Deciphering Linux File System Permissions

Linux file permissions may seem like arcane number theory hieroglyphics to some and it’s understandable. Linux’s filesystem permission model stems from the legacy of UNIX. However, they are quite easy to grasp, once you understand the logic behind them. Permission groups and types All file and folder access control is defined in the filesystem using the following information: Three permission groups: u for owner, g, group, o or a, all users. […]

Dec 2016

WordPress 4.7 "Vaughan" hot off the press!

WordPress 4.7 was just officially released to the public, on the 6th December 2016. This new release is a tribute to American jazz singer Sarah "Sassy" Vaughan; the "Divine voice" according to many critics. This new release key features include the much awaited WordPress REST API, video headers, a new theme (Twenty Seven) aimed for business sites and many more. Updates and Features of WordPress 4.7 This new stable release […]

Dec 2016

WordCamp 2016 Athens! Off To A Great Start!

  The first ever WordCamp Athens 2016 took place on the weekend 19-20 of November. It was an amazing experience that brought together people from different backgrounds, sharing a keen interest in WordPress. More than 400 attendees gathered  in the center of Athens, at the spacious and hospitable venue of Technopolis, Gazi. The first day of the event was comprised of an interesting and diverse series of speeches delivered by 20 […]

Nov 2016

Get to know your audience with Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics and why is it important? Google Analytics is a very powerful tool provided by Google that enables  you to monitor your website's traffic in a very accurate way. You can  monitor and study useful insights of your website’s traffic from the  Pressidium Portal. But who are the visitors  of your website? Every bit of information about them helps you serve their needs better. With Google Analytics, […]

Feb 2016

16 Excellent WordPress Blogs to Follow Right Now

WordPress is a wonderful platform to work with. Since its inception with just a few lines of code in 2003, it has gone on to be used on over 25% of all websites to date. From simple blogs to fortune 500 companies, WordPress is the go-to CMS of choice for thousands of people. Helping support the software we’ve grown to love, are hundreds of bloggers who’ve contributed to growing the […]

Oct 2014

Recap of WordCamp Europe 2014 - Our take on #WCEU

Our take on this year's WordCamp Europe   We just got back from WordCamp Europe 2014 at Sofia - Bulgaria, wow, what an experience! We have all been to local meetups before but as a company this was our first major WordCamp, and our first sponsorship (with more to come). It was amazing seeing so many WordPress community members, professionals, enthusiasts, from so many places around the world, all together […]

Sep 2014

Pressidium sponsors WordCamp Europe 2014

Hello #WCEU '14!! At Pressidium our ultimate goal is to give back to the WordPress community and share our love of this amazing software. Today, we start to fulfill our promise to give back and support the community; We are proud to announce that we are officially sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2014 #WCEU is the biggest WordCamp in Europe, with WordPress lovers attending from all over the world to meet-up, discuss […]