Feb 2017

Why would you need a staging environment for WordPress?

The woes of developing, deploying and maintaining projects vital to your business are manifold. They are also the reason you need a staging environment for your WordPress site. In this article we are going to discuss: how these  problems are solved by having a staging environment. How you can use your Pressidium Staging to cut costs, test correctly and deploy safely, without breaking anything.   What's wrong with not having […]

Feb 2017

5 Pressidium Features To Get Your Work Done

Working on client projects as a freelancer or as part of a larger team has its own set of problems. Technical ones, process-related ones, bureaucracy, the works. We’ll see how Pressidium’s Pinnacle Platform resolves all of them, and enables you to start  faster, develop easier, and hand-off your client project in the most hassle-free way! Problems you might face We are not saying that you are doomed to face every […]

Nov 2015

New Feature: Pressidium Migration Wizard

Managing the migration of your website to Pressidium has had its difficulties in the past. One of the major issues we’ve regularly come across was the variation in database table fixes. These required manual editing of your database sql dump file, which as we’re sure you’ll understand, was relatively time consuming.   At Pressidium we strongly believe that you shouldn’t waste your time on migrations. It’s why we always urge […]

Nov 2015

New Feature: Additional SFTP Users

Being a successful site owner, doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about developing. There are bound to be instances where you seek the support of a reputable freelancer or agency to take care of the tasks you’re unable to carry out. Until now, as a Pressidium customer you needed to share your credentials to provide access to your website, for those people helping you out. Yet having […]

Sep 2015

Get Ready For WordPress 4.3 "Billie"

On August 18th 2014 WordPress 4.3 was released to the public. Nicknamed "Billie" as a way of honouring the jazz singer Billie Holiday, it landed on our dashboards with a variety of new features aiming to make formatting content a whole lot easier.   Updates And Features Of WordPress 4.3 WordPress 4.3 introduces the inclusion of menu management from the live WordPress customizer. Instead of digging through your appearance settings, […]

Jul 2015

Pressidium Awarded Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance

For a while now, Pressidium has been working hard behind the scenes to make our Managed WordPress Hosting, the very best it can be. It hasn't always been easy. We've faced many hurdles along the way. Long, eye-watering evenings have been spent - more often than not, carrying on into the next day - ensuring the Pressidium Pinnacle Platform lives up to expectations. You see, we don't like to make promises […]

Jul 2015

6 Reasons Why WooCommerce And Pressidium Is A Match Made In Heaven

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ways to sell products and services from a WordPress website. Thousands of sites use the free plugin as the basis of their eCommerce business. Clothing retailers, home accessory stores and even WordPress Theme vendors are just a small portion of the clientele. However with such a prestigious list of users, there’s bound to be problems along the way. As popular as the plugin […]

Jun 2015

The Brave New World Of Optimized Website Delivery

"Most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.” - Aldous Huxley - A Brave New World   Website Optimization is a term bandied about quite liberally in the world of Hosting, Development and Design. It works on the premise that your site should be given a thorough seeing to in order to perform at its maximum potential. Now it’s all well […]