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403 Forbidden error for website assets (images, css, etc)

This is a known issue which you may have seen once you uploaded files using the SFTP service. The problem is caused by some SFTP clients which enforce (the wrong) file permissions making the file unreadable by the webserver. This issue can also occur when you create files using PHP. AdHoc Solution The fast and […]

Does WP CRON work on Pressidium?

Can I use WP CRON ? I see DISABLE_WP_CRON is TRUE in wp-config   The short answer is yes! You can use wp-cron exactly like you used to, we’ve only improved the way wp-cron is triggered.    How the default wp-cron trigger mechanism works   Scheduling jobs like publishing a post on a specific date and […]

How to test your migrated site before changing DNS

Yes, you can test your migrated website before making that final DNS changes!   You can do this by adding a line in your hosts file. Modifying your hosts file allows you to override the DNS for a domain, forcing your computer to translate a domain to a specific IP, without ever asking the DNS servers. This […]

Is there a Geo Blocking feature?

Yes, by hosting your sites on Pressidium platform you can use our Geo Blocking feature to block specific countries by accessing any of your sites. You only need to open a support ticket through our customer portal stating the site(s) and respective countries you want to have blocked.   Blocked visitors will be returned with […]

Can I manually upgrade my WordPress core ?

At Pressidium we are responsible for upgrading your WordPress site when a official stable release in announced (major or minor) so you don’t need to move a finger. Since, we are doing the updates for you, we have disabled the default WordPress update procedure, which in turn means you cannot run default manual updates. Despite that, […]

Safe WordPress Upgrades

As you already know, part of our Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform managed service includes upgrading your WordPress core when a stable minor or major version is officially released to the public. Our upgrading policy is to push security releases (minor versions) within 24 hours after public announcement and major releases roughly two weeks after their official […]

How we handle WordPress core updates

At Pressidium, as part of our management services, we are responsible for updating our customer’s WordPress core to the latest possible stable release. As you may already know, it is absolutely essential to maintain an as much as possible up-to-date version of  your WordPress core version to address vulnerabilities and new security issues that may […]

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