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How do I access my site?

How do I access my site?

So you have just created a new WordPress site on Pressidium and you don’t know how to access it. Ok, don’t worry it’s rather simple. You just have to remember the name you specified when you were creating your WordPress site using the Pressidium portal (note you can see a complete list of your websites in the portal, see below). So for example, if the site name you specified was “myblog“, then you can simply access your WordPress site on

For simplicity, we use the name of your WordPress site to construct the site’s URL on the “” domain. Remember that, based on the name of your site we provision the following three (3) host names :

  1. <name_of_your_site> – The main URL of your WordPress site with us.
  2. <name_of_your_site> – The URL for accessing the staging environment of your site. For more info about how to create the staging environment, please read the How to create and use the staging sites feature article.
  3. sftp.<name_of_your_site> – The hostname to use when accessing your WordPress site files using the SFTP protocol. For more info about SFTP access to your site, please read the How do I access my site via SFTP ? support article.

If you don’t remember the name of your site, then log into the Pressidium portal and navigate to the list of your WordPress sites by selecting the “Websites” option from the main left navigation menu and locate your site.

See the following screenshot :