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Backups at Pressidium

Instant Backups – it’s automagic!

At Pressidium Backups are no longer a hassle since we will automagically backup your site daily and each time before you push your staging site to production or pull a new copy from production. We also include a nifty one-click instant backup and restore feature. And to make sure that your data is safe we proactively back it up each and every night (daily backup) – making sure that your important data is safe and secure, and that you can revert to a previous version in the event that you made a change that broke your site, or for any other reason – so you can sleep easily at night, knowing that your site availability is our top priority.

And the best is thing yet is that all of these great features are provided standard at no extra charge (no more backup plugins required or expensive add-on’s).

To view backups or make an instant backup point all you need to do is from the Client Portal, go to the Websites dashboard and select one of your sites. Then just click on the “Instant Backups” tab and you will see the full list of available backups for your site:

pressidium listing of available backups

Create an Instant Backup

From the “Instant Backups” tab you can create your own instant backup at any point in time by clicking on the “Backup Now” button. This is really useful if you are about to make a drastic change to your site and your content has been updated since the last night’s backup (last daily backup) – all you need to do is take an instant backup before you make the change. Note, that it might be a better idea to test changes first on your staging site and then push them automatically to production (a instant backup of your production site will be automatically “fired” before the changes are pushed).

pressidium create instant backup form screenshot

Don’t forget to enter a label for the backup, a good idea so you can identify it easily is to give it a name and a reason (ie. Andy’s backup of mysite just before uploading new version 1.1)

How do I restore a backup? 

For details on restoring backups, see the help article: How to Restore my site from a Backup

If you have any other questions about backups or restores, contact support and we will be happy to answer them.

What is backed up?

We back up everything in your WordPress folder, (including uploaded files in /wp-content/uploads in our special disaster recovery backup) and with each backup we also take a database dump and include that in the backup as well. Note that we exclude specific files and folders from backups, please see the section “Files excluded from backups” below (we do not backup these files and folders so please be careful).

How to download backups?

To download a backup all you need to do is click on the “Download” link on the right of each individual backup. This will generate an archive of your backup and send you an email containing a unique link to the downloadable archive (be careful to enter a correct email address), the archive will include the full backup as described above including your database.

pressidium download instant backup form screenshot

Files excluded from instant backups

Below is a list of files and folders (they can usually be found within /wp-content/) which are excluded from our normal backups. This is important since these files & folders can become very large and usually do not contain useful data (ie older backups from a backup plugin you previously installed), and thus can cause unnecessary overusage on your account and a serious waste of disk space and resources (your backups, restores and staging push/pull copies would all needlessly suffer). So if you do identify files & folders which are important to you from the list below, then you need to make sure that you keep a regular local copy of these on your own hardware. Of course, for disaster-recovery purposes, we keep a copy of all your data and files on our system backups but you should not rely on this, since our retention policy may cause us not to have the version of the file that you need. As always if you have custom needs and require us to review our backup policy for your account, do not hesitate to contact support and tell us what your case is, we promise that we will do our very best to find a solution for you.

Network Trash Folder
Temporary Items

How often are my sites backed up and how long are the backups stored?

We automatically back up your sites every day (nightly) and automatically before your push or pull from staging. Instant Backups are then stored for 15 days, after which they are deleted permanently. Aside from instant backups we also keep special internal backups of all system and user files and folders for disaster recovery purposes but you should not rely on this, since our retention policy may cause us not to have the version of the file that you need.

Git and Backups

Git is used internally for maintaining file and change consistency, versioning, staging and is core to the functionality of our platform. Uploading “.git” directories or files with your content or via plugins may cause backups and several other features not to function correctly, that is why we generally do not allow you to overwrite the default .git repository. If you use git and experience issues with backups  (not appearing after being submitted on demand etc) or with any other feature, confirm that there have been no recent uploads that included “.git” content. If you continue to experience problems just open a support ticket and we will promptly investigate the issue for you.