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How do I create a new WordPress site on Pressidium?

How do I create a new WordPress site on Pressidium?

Creating a new and fresh WordPress site using the Pressidium Portal is a matter of few seconds. Just log into the portal and:

  1. select the “Websites” option from the left main navigation bar
  2. and then press the “Create Website” button.

See the following illustration:


Once you press the “Create Website” button a new dialog will be displayed where you only need to specify the name of your new WordPress site, for example “myblog“.

See the following screenshot:


Press the “Create website” button and you are done ! Your Pressisium WordPress site will be ready in just few minutes (usually under 5 minutes).

Remember: Write down your WP-admin user credentials !

Just after you press the “Create website” button we will display the credentials of the WP-admin user for your fresh WordPress site. Please, write down the information in a safe and secure place.


If you accidentally loose the credentials of the WP-admin user, don’t worry – we have your back covered. You can always reset your password from the wp-admin login screen of your site, just click the “Lost your password” link under the login form, and enter your admin email. If you are unable to change your password or have forgot your admin email, no worries, using the customer portal just open a support ticket and will reset the password of your WP-admin user for you.

More control options ?

If you need more control over the initial configuration of your new WordPress site then on the section displayed after initially selecting the “Create Website” button, press the “more options” link and the section will expand to allow you to specify more options.

See the following screenshot :


You are allowed to enter the following configuration options:

  1. Site Name: The name of the new WordPress site, for example “myblog“. Remember, this name needs to be 3 to 13 characters long and only letters, digits and the “_” character are allowed.
  2. Mapped Domain: A domain you own that will be associated with the your new WordPress site. This is optional and you can specify a mapped domain later. For more info about adding a domain to your site, please read the How do I add a domain to my site article.
  3. WP-admin user: The name of the WP-admin user. For example “theone“, “theoneandonly“, etc. Please avoid specifying common admin usernames like “admin“, or “root“. If you leave the option unspecified, then we will use the site name as the name of the WP-admin username. For example if you name the site “myblog” then the username of the WP-admin user will default to “myblog” as well.
  4. WP-admin password: The password of the WP-admin user. Please specify a secure password. If you leave the option unspecified, then we will generate a random password for you.
  5. WP-admin email: The e-mail of the WP-admin user. If you leave this option unspecified, then we will use the e-mail of your Pressidium account.