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Does Pressidium provide a staging environment?

YES! We absolutely do! this is one of the most loved features of Premium Managed WordPress Hosting, especially for developers. The ability for you to clone and test each and every production site you own is part of our standard feature set available at no additional charge on each and every plan.

One-Click Staging Environment

Here’s how it works: Before you make a scary change to your site, click the “copy staging” button. We make a complete copy of your site and set it up in a separate, safe “staging” area. You can then play with anything you want there; nothing’s live and your production site is untouched. Only when you are ready to make it live you can either with one-click automatically push all changes from your staging site to your production site or alternatively you can manually change your production site, it’s entirely up to you!

and the great thing about it, is that it’s free! (included as standard feature in all plans)


Read this article to get started using Pressidium Staging Sites: How to create and use the staging sites feature.