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How do I access my site via SFTP ?

At Pressidium every WordPress site has it’s unique SFTP address. This address can be easily remembered  since it is associated with the name of the WordPress site. For example, if you have created a WordPress site “myblog” then the SFTP address for this WordPress install will be (remember that your WordPress install has an address on our platform).

So, to access your WordPress site over SFTP, configure your SFTP client with the following settings :

  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Host: sftp.<yoursite>
  • Port: <your install's sftp port> (example: 11422, see your install on the Pressidium Portal to find your port number)
  • Username: <your Pressidium account ID> (note : this is not your e-mail address)
  • Password: <your Pressidium account password> (same as your Pressidium Portal password)

If you don’t know your Pressidum account ID, then please read the How to find my Pressidium account ID article. Additionally, you can also find your SFTP port number either from the Pressidium General Tab in wp-admin or from the Pressidium Portal by clicking on your install. Also, if you have forgotten your password, then you can contact the support team to have the password reset for you.

Note: If after uploading files via SFTP you need to fix your file permissions, then please read the How to reset file permissions support article.

Configuration Example

Assuming you are the owner of and you would like to connect to your WordPress site over SFTP using cyberduck then please follow the example :

Add Bookmark

Add a new bookmark connection to cyberduck, so you don’t need to enter the information again and again. See the following example :



In the bookmarks window, locate your new bookmark :

and connect !


Example SFTP clients

You can use the following SFTP clients to access your files