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How do I clear my cache?

You can clear your site’s cache from the client portal, by going to:

  1. Websites
  2. Click on the website you want to clear the cache of
  3. Click the big clear cache button on the right of the menu
  4. Confirm the clear cache action and woosh! your cache has been flushed! (cleared)

pressidium website navigation menu - clear cache button

pressidium control panel - clear all website's cache confirmation form


You can also clear your site’s cache from within your WordPress install.

In your WP-Admin interface:

  1. Click on “Pressidium” on the top left of the navigation bar
  2. In the main window click on the “Caching” tab
  3. Click the “Purge All Caches” button to flush your cache and your done!


PressidiumPluginWPCacheControlIf you are experiencing any difficulties or if you need to have a page permanently excluded from the Pressidium platform adaptive cache, then all you have to do is open a <support> ticket and we will help you out right away!