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How to Restore my site from a Backup

Restoring a backup on Pressidium is super easy, we will backup your site daily (nightly) and will keep backups of your site for 15 days.

Restoring a backup overwrites the current site, and replaces it with the content of the selected backup. Just to be safe before your site is restored from the selected backup we automatically make an instant backup of your site, so if you have accidentally selected a wrong backup you can revert and rollback your site to it’s previous state by selecting the last instant backup.

How to Restore my site

To restore a backup, simply navigate to the “Instant Backups” tab for a site, and click the “Restore” link (far right) on the backup that you’d like to revert back to:


You can roll your site back to the date and time specified by selecting the instant backup you wish to restore to and click “Restore” on the far left. When you restore your site to a previous backup point, we will automatically make a new instant backup so that you easily roll back to the way it was before you performed the restore.

When you restore your site from a backup, a dialogue box will appear. You will see a checkbox that says “Restore Database also.” If you check the box, it will restore the whole site including your database. If you leave it unchecked, then the database will not be affected and only your WordPress files (including /wp-uploads/) on the filesystem will be restored. You will find this particularly useful because you can restore your site without affecting any recent posts (but again be careful because other things may break, so you must know what you are doing, otherwise contact support):


To be notified via email when your restore is complete, don’t forget to enter your email address in the dialog box. Once submitted you will see a background job notification being submitted and once ready you will also be notified in the notifications tab of the control panel. Depending on the size of your site, a restore may take anywhere from a couple of seconds up-to 30 minutes.


If you have any questions about restoring sites, or if you would like assistance with the restoration, don’t hesitate to contact Pressidium support.