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I have been locked out from site ! How do I get back in?

Ok, so you are locked out from your site after attempting several times, without success, to login on WordPress site. When you try to login, you see something like the following screenshot :


First of all, don’t panic. This is expected behaviour when you, or somebody else, attempts several time to access your password protected WordPress resources without success.  This is happening because at Pressidium we take security seriously and one of the things we do to protect our customers from brute force attack attempts is to pre-install a plugin on each WordPress site called “Limit Login Attempts“.

This plugin limits the number of login attempts from a single IP address to three within twenty minutes. So, if you type the wrong password three times, you get locked and you have to wait for twenty minutes. If this is the case, please open a support ticket and we will reset the restriction for you in a matter of minutes.