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Image Smacking and Optimization

All media which are uploaded through a WordPress install running on Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform, are by default automatically optimized so that you automatically gain on space, speed & user experience.

To accomplish this nifty feature, we use an internal service we wrote, similar to Yahoo’s, offering various lossless optimizations for your uploaded images, obviously without any size/usage limitation.

In the media list screen, you will see a new column named “Image Smacking” where you’ll find details like achieved optimization rate for your media uploads. Also available in that screen, is the option to manually smack individual images (bulk smacking is currently available via a support ticket).

Auto Image Smacking is enabled by default for all our customers and although you can disable it from inside Pressidium’s Plugin admin screen, we strongly suggest you keep it enabled or to at least contact us with the reason you might want it disabled, so that our engineers may suggest a more optimal solution for you.