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Robots.txt on Pressidium

When you create a new WordPress site on our platform, it is automatically assigned with a unique hostname under the domain which is identical to the installation name you provided. For example, if you request a new installation and name it ‘myownblog‘ it will be automatically assigned with the hostname

The most frequent use case though, is that you will map a domain to access it through your own domain name, for example For that reason in order to adhere with Google’s policies on duplicate content/URLs, we enforce a robot-restricting robots.txt on * What that means, is that your content will only be indexed through and not through The same applies  for your staging environments (*, where the index-restricting robots.txt file is served automatically by our infrastructure.

Obviously when you map a domain to your site, your own robots.txt will be served normally if provided and even if not, nothing restrictive will automatically be served by our platform!

If for any reason you think that your specific use-case requires a different methodology, do not hesitate to open us a ticket through the Control Panel.