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Safe WordPress Upgrades

As you already know, part of our Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform managed service includes upgrading your WordPress core when a stable minor or major version is officially released to the public. Our upgrading policy is to push security releases (minor versions) within 24 hours after public announcement and major releases roughly two weeks after their official release.

So, how we are actually performing the core upgrade of your WordPress site ? Our automated procedure looks something like this :

  1. Before proceeding we make sure that your site is working properly,
  2. We take an instant backup of your site just before upgrading,
  3. We upgrade your core files to the latest official stable release,
  4. Once the upgrade is done, we load your site and we perfom various integrity checks.
  5. If all integrity tests are successful then we are done! If not, then we immediately rollback everything to bring your site back to the stage it was before trying to upgrade


In case of upgrade failure, our automated upgrade procedure opens a support case and fills in all the details, so we can take a closer look and solve the upgrade problem with your site.

So, how does this differ from the standard WordPress core upgrade procedure ?

Well, there are two important facts you need to have in mind :

  • Our procedure is safe, as a matter of fact, our procedure is a lot safer than the standard WordPress core upgrade procedure. Why? Because, we automatically backup everything before we even try to upgrade your site and most importantly if things go south, we automatically rollback everything to the prior state.
  • Our procedure has automated integrity checks and recovery decisions are fast. Why is this important ? Because if the core upgrade procedure fails for any reason, our automated integrity checks will notice the problem immediately and will instruct our stack to perform an upgrade rollback. The key here is that everything will happen almost instantly, without your clients noticing anything.