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Web Access and Error logs


We understand that access to your logs in real-time is crucial and time-sensitive. For that reason, we have designed a super-charged log viewing interface, which give you real-time access to the logs of your websites (staging sites included!).

In order to view your error logs, you can navigate on any of your sites, and hitting the Logs drop-down which will show you available options.

As you can see, for the site above we have the options of viewing the Error Log for our production website, as well as the staging site. In case you don’t have a staging site configured at that point, you will be given only the “Production” log options.

Pressidium Access and Error logs in Control Panel

Selecting the log you need access to, will drive you to the Log Viewing interface.


Access logs are disabled by default to limit I/O requests, you can enable them whenever you need them just by creating a support issue.