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How we handle WordPress core updates

At Pressidium, as part of our management services, we are responsible for updating our customer’s WordPress core to the latest possible stable release. As you may already know, it is absolutely essential to maintain an as much as possible up-to-date version of  your WordPress core version to address vulnerabilities and new security issues that may arise.

We update your WordPress core on the following schedule :

  • Security releases (or minor releases, like 4.0 to 4.0.1) are applied automatically within 24 hours of official release without notifying you. These kind of updates are often emergency security fixes and they typically don’t update or add any functionality to your site – so the risk of breaking things on your site is rather minimal.
  • Major releases (like 4.0 to 4.1) are applied automatically, roughly two weeks after their official release. Major releases add and often update existing functionality, so it is possible (not often but the possibility is there) to break your site, or to make your plugins miss behave, or to break the layout of your template. For this reason, we are giving our customers this “two week grace period” so they can test their sites with ease in the staging environment.

More time needed ?

If the “two weeks grace period” is not enough when you are testing your site with a new major release update, then simply contact  our support team and ask your site (or sites) to be excluded from the specific auto-update, to give you more time to test and see that everything works.

Manual Updates

Since, we are doing the updates for you, we have disabled the default WordPress update procedure, which in turn means  you cannot run manual updates from within the WordPress backend. But even so, we still have you covered! If there is an update available and you wish to upgrade your WordPress core, without waiting or following the general flow, you can trigger our automated update process from our special plugin. To do so, navigate to our plugin and from the utility tab, click on the update button as shown in the picture bellow :