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How to test your migrated site before changing DNS

Yes, you can test your migrated website before making that final DNS changes!   You can do this by adding a line in your hosts file. Modifying your hosts file allows you to override the DNS for a domain, forcing your computer to translate a domain to a specific IP, without ever asking the DNS servers. This […]

How do I add my domain?

So, you are happy with your WordPress site on Pressidium and you wish to associate it with a domain you own, since you just migrated or you are deploying a new site to production. Perfect! You now need to perform the following simple steps: You need to update your DNS settings using the tools your […]

How do I move my DNS to Pressidium?

How do I move my DNS to Pressidium? To make things much easier for you, and to reduce the risk of issues & errors when you migrate your site to us we strongly recommend that you do not change your nameservers. Instead all you need to do is modify the DNS records which point to your […]

Migrate your site to Pressidium

We pride ourselves as one the very few in the Managed WordPress Hosting space to do free migrations for all of our customers. Note: Before you migrate your site to our platform though, it’s critical to update your core to the latest version. To get your site migrated on our platform, you need to initiate […]


Some of you may be aware of the scenario of changing some URLs on your site and then you end up flooded by 404 errors and losing visitors and money. It’s one of the most common problems where the power of Redirects comes into rescue! There are two ways to setup redirects in Pressidium, both […]