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Does WP CRON work on Pressidium?

Can I use WP CRON ? I see DISABLE_WP_CRON is TRUE in wp-config   The short answer is yes! You can use wp-cron exactly like you used to, we’ve only improved the way wp-cron is triggered.    How the default wp-cron trigger mechanism works   Scheduling jobs like publishing a post on a specific date and […]

Safe WordPress Upgrades

As you already know, part of our Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform managed service includes upgrading your WordPress core when a stable minor or major version is officially released to the public. Our upgrading policy is to push security releases (minor versions) within 24 hours after public announcement and major releases roughly two weeks after their official […]

How we handle WordPress core updates

At Pressidium, as part of our management services, we are responsible for updating our customer’s WordPress core to the latest possible stable release. As you may already know, it is absolutely essential to maintain an as much as possible up-to-date version of  your WordPress core version to address vulnerabilities and new security issues that may […]

Which must-use plugins are pre-installed?

At Pressidium, each WordPress site is provisioned with a small number of pre-installed plugins (they are called must-use plugins) which cannot be disabled or altered in any way. These plugins do protect your site and in general they optimize your WordPress to work properly in the special Pressidium environment. Currently, we do pre-install the following […]

What plugins are banned ?

At the time of writing of this very article (which is somewhere in early October 2014) there were more than 30,000 (!!!) WordPress plugins available for download and use on your WordPress site. A very tiny percent of them (around 0.001%) are included in our banned plugin list, which essentially means that you will be unable […]

How do I reset file permissions ?

The answer is simple. You don’t reset anything. We do it for you automagically when you asked for it either from your customer portal or from within your WordPress site using our Pressidium Plugin. Using your portal To reset file permissions from the portal, just navigate to your WordPress site and from the command bar […]

How do I access my site via SFTP ?

At Pressidium every WordPress site has it’s unique SFTP address. This address can be easily remembered  since it is associated with the name of the WordPress site. For example, if you have created a WordPress site “myblog” then the SFTP address for this WordPress install will be (remember that your WordPress install has an […]