Do you support PHP7 ?

Do you support PHP7 ? Yes we do, PHP 7 is fully supported on Pressidium! To find out what version your website currently runs on, how to change it and so on, refer to our multi PHP runtime support FAQ. Also take a look at the brilliant results from our PHP7 benchmarking test!

Can I manually upgrade my WordPress core ?

At Pressidium we are responsible for upgrading your WordPress site when a official stable release in announced (major or minor) so you don't need to move a finger. Since, we are doing the updates for you, we have disabled the default WordPress update procedure, which in turn means you cannot run default manual updates. Despite that, if for any reason our upgrade cycle does not fit your needs or you simply […]

How we handle WordPress core updates

At Pressidium, as part of our management services, we are responsible for updating our customer's WordPress core to the latest possible stable release. As you may already know, it is absolutely essential to maintain an as much as possible up-to-date version of  your WordPress core version to address vulnerabilities and new security issues that may arise. We update your WordPress core on the following schedule : Security releases (or minor […]

Image Smacking and Optimization

All media which are uploaded through a WordPress install running on Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform, are by default automatically optimized so that you automatically gain on space, speed & user experience. To accomplish this nifty feature, we use an internal service we wrote, similar to Yahoo's, offering various lossless optimizations for your uploaded images, obviously without any size/usage limitation. In the media list screen, you will see a new column […]

Can I benchmark / load-test my website hosted on Pressidium?

Yes you can, although you will need to take into consideration a few limitations. Web server benchmarking is a common  way to see the responsiveness of software and the underlying infrastructure  when a website is visited at scale. Common tools used for this are usually ApacheBench, Siege and a few others. These tools are usually used to measure the maximum requests per second a web-server can handle  & the overall latency of […]