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What are the limits on email that I send from my site?

That’s a really good question to start with. But first of all, let’s put things under the correct perspective : Pressidium, offers a reliable and secure WordPress managed hosting environment that is not suitable nor it is intended for mass e-mail sending. So, if you wish to use your WordPress site for activities like mass […]


Some of you may be aware of the scenario of changing some URLs on your site and then you end up flooded by 404 errors and losing visitors and money. It’s one of the most common problems where the power of Redirects comes into rescue! There are two ways to setup redirects in Pressidium, both […]

Are there any revision limitations?

Revisions in WordPress are all about editing power & recoverability, but excessive use comes at a price (call me performance penalty). Studying the pros and cons of revisions, we have decided to enable revision control for all of our customers, with a predefined value of 5 revisions (excluding the auto-save feature). You need more revisions? […]

How do I access my site via SFTP ?

At Pressidium every WordPress site has it’s unique SFTP address. This address can be easily remembered  since it is associated with the name of the WordPress site. For example, if you have created a WordPress site “myblog” then the SFTP address for this WordPress install will be (remember that your WordPress install has an […]

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