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First-class quality support by WordPress engineers, working as part of your team.
Highly Available & fully scalable architecture with maximum security and performance.

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Total WordPress Websites
Multisite support
Unique visits per month
Enterprise HA SSD
Total storage
24/7 Expert Support by DevOps Engineers
Dedicated Account Manager
Enterprise High Availability
Load Balanced Server Clusters
Full HTTP/2 Support
HTTP/2 Powered CDN
Enterprise SSL Management
Integrated Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Latest PHP Versions (up to PHP 8.x)
Per Site Selection of PHP Runtime Environment
Staging Environment
Free migrations
$ 21/mo
billed annually or
$24.90 month to month.
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1 WordPress site
Designed for 10K
+ $10/month
$ 42/mo
billed annually or
$49.90 month to month.
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3 WordPress sites
Designed for 30K
$ 125/mo
billed annually or
$149.90 month to month.
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10 WordPress sites
Designed for 100K
$ 250/mo
billed annually or
$299.90 month to month.
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25 WordPress sites
Designed for 500K
Business Plus
$ 500/mo
billed annually or
$599.90 month to month.
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50 WordPress sites
Designed for 1 Million

Our team runs the entire stack for you — including servers, firewalls, load balancers, offsite back-ups, and even upgrades of WordPress itself. We worry about your site’s availability so you can sleep at night.

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Enterprise Plans

Whether you are a large Media & Publishing company, a Government Agency, a well-known Brand, a University, a Non-Profit organization, a Digital Agency or a large Retail e-commerce business, we have plans specially designed for you.

Millions of monthly visits
Unlimited WordPress websites
24x7 on-call engineers & dedicated account manager
Custom infrastructure needs and solution integration
Dedicated server cluster powered by our highly available & fully scalable architecture
Enterprise ready search

Starting at $790 per month.


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All plans include

Our industry-leading platform provides the features below and ensures that your website is always fast, secure and functional letting you focus on your business.

Reliability & Uptime

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    Highly-available load balanced architecture
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    Fault tolerant Enterprise grade server clusters
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    Automatic Scalability
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    Instant Backups
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    Offsite Backups
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    Managed WP core auto-updates
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    Expert WordPress support
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    Full Server Management & DevOps
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    Free website migration
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    Staging Sites


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    End-to-end managed security
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    Managed auto-updates
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    Malware monitoring and auto-removal
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    Free malware removal
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    Managed web application firewall (WAF)
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    Bad-bots filtering
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    Fully locked-down environment
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    SFTP only service
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    Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
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    SFTP Sub-Accounts

Speed & Performance

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    Dynamic load balancing
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    Enterprise HA SSD Storage
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    Multilayer adaptive caching
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    Full HTTP/2 Support
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    SSL Acceleration
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    Enterprise CDN powered by HTTP/2
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    Latest PHP versions available (up to PHP8.x)
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    PHP OPCache
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    Choice of global datacenter locations
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    Automatic image optimization

User Dashboard

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    Manual and automatic backups
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    Role-based access control
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    Website Analytics
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    Usage and traffic analytics
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    Invoice and billing history
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    One-click staging deployments
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    One-click clone functionality
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    One-click billing transfer
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    Database administration through PHPMyAdmin
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    Cache Management
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    Migration Wizard
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    Plugin Management

Awarded 2015 & 2016 Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance – I’m running out of positive adjectives to say how well Pressidium® has done. A perfect LoadStorm test with zero errors, the lowest peak response time and lowest average response time. Followed up by a near perfect Blitz test.

Top tier for sure.

Kevin Ohashi
Review Signal

Even before you get started with Pressidium hosting, the first thing you notice is the amazing service received. They take the time to get to know the business. Your website goals suddenly become their website goals. It’s great to have them working with you doing all they can to help you achieve those.

You’re working with actual engineers, not salespeople. They’re on call 24/7 too!

Ben Maden
Managing Director
Matter Solutions

There are two things that convinced us to choose Pressidium: technology and people

Simply put their technology is superior and possibly the best in the market. However, technology without people is nothing and Pressidium has some of the best people. Their support is so good that they taught Modern Retail a thing or two about servicing our customers.

Todd Myers
Modern Retail

Uptime. We’re able to create content as needed without worrying about the site being down. Always responsive and knowledgeable communication. We no longer worry about our site infrastructure & servers, and have focused on content management and business development.  

Great technical support, stress-free WordPress hosting. Easy, dependable, hassle-free.

Kein Chua
The Pick and Roll

Pressidium support could not be better, it is the best we’ve had to deal with in 12 years.

By far.

Elena Buetler
Level Up Technology AG

I would highly recommend Pressidium for those businesses who want to save time, and avoid the headache of bad servers & poor quality infrastructure. Reliable, secure, easy, fast, the best.

With the initial migration of all of our websites, I just couldn’t believe the ease and fast service.

Emi Melker
101 Management

Pressidium support is excellent, and the best we’ve experienced in the WordPress hosting industry without exception.

Lloyd Jones

Pressidium has been excellent. Aside from the superior technology, fast & reliable infrastructure, I’ve been really happy with the effort and time the team has put into some of our issues.

It makes a nice change to actually know the support is coming from someone who sounds like a human. Where I’ve been most impressed is that the team will continue to look for answers days after the request was made.

James Bundey
Creative Approach
Logo of University of Kent
Logo of Fujitsu
Logo of Cornell University
Logo of Unicef
Logo of University of Kentucky
Logo of Learndash
Logo of Transifex
Logo of Public Instruction
Logo of Cycling Tips
Logo of Netball Australia
Logo of eLearning Industry
Logo of Backlinko
Logo of Academy of Art University
Logo of The Action Network
Logo of News & Guts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we are asked.

  • What is a visit?

    A visit is a measure of the traffic your site gets in 24 hours. We aggregate these all up and count how many visits you have for a given month, and that’s how we calculate your traffic. In our opinion it’s the most fair way to measure how many server resources your site will need.

  • How do you measure Visits?

    Visits are not pageviews, Visits roughly equate to Google Analytics sessions. The metric is used to size infrastructure, hardware and the performance requirements of each plan, that correspond to the traffic of a single, average built, highly cacheable, WordPress site. Depending on your specific application code-base and business use-case, the number of designed for visits may or may not directly correspond to the actual demands placed on infrastructure by your application; for example agencies hosting a very large number of sites, or, an application such as an LMS, which requires dynamically rendered uncached content, will both in-turn place higher demands on infrastructure, in compar- ison to other types of sites (ie a single marketing site), even though the visit count may be significantly under the plans designed for specification. Please contact our engineering for a recommendation on which plan level best suites your performance requirements.

  • What if I get too many page views?

    Worry not as, unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge you overage for a sudden increase in traffic and we do not limit your site in any way. If the traffic of your site keeps exceeding the limitations of your plan then we will suggest a suitable upgrade.

  • How do you charge extra visits on Standard Plans?

    Whether your site experiences a sudden increase in real user sessions or it undergoes attacks, we make sure it performs fine. We do not charge overage automatically as we absorb these costs for you but if you keep on exceeding your plan’s limits we will suggest an upgrade.

  • How do you charge extra visits on Enterprise Plans?

    Visits are only used as a plan sizing metric. On Enterprise plans we do not charge visits and we will never charge overage visits – period. Visits are used only as a plan sizing and fair use metric, not as a billing tool, so you choose the Enterprise Plan that suits your site’s profile. We will not charge overage for traffic spikes and slash-dot effects, nor will we penalize you for the success and growth of your web properties – we want you to succeed and we want to do everything we can to help. Should you outgrow the capabilities of your current Enterprise Plan we will propose a recommended upgrade for you that corresponds to your traffic and growth requirements, enabling you to grow even more; while the end choice whether to upgrade or not remains entirely yours.

  • Do you offer free migrations?

    We sure do! This is one of the most common requests we get. While others may charge you more than $100 per site migration, we will be more than happy to migrate your site to our platform for Free! You can schedule a migration anytime after you sign-up, just open a support ticket and our team will take it from there.

  • What is your refund / cancelation policy?

    We do not believe in vendor lock-ins, so you can cancel your subscription anytime, download your whole site and we will help you if you have any issues. We also offer you a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee, so if for whatever reason after signing up you are not 100% satisfied with our service, then we will be more than happy to give you a full refund. *Our MBG is not offered on annual plans.

  • Can I switch plans later?

    Yes, at any time. We make it easy to upgrade (or downgrade) plans. For instance, you can start with a Personal plan and then upgrade to the Professional plan as your site gains more traffic.

  • What credit cards do you accept?

    We accept all major credit and debit Cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Discover and Diners Club.

  • Is there a discount for yearly payment?

    Of course there is! If you pay annually then we will reward you with an annual discount amounting to two months of service for free!, just be sure to click annual when you sign-up. *Our money back guarantee is not offered on annual plans.

  • Do you offer email accounts?

    We do not. We are a best-of-breed WordPress hosting provider and we don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity. We’re experts at making WordPress reliable, secure and blazingly fast, and we recommend you host email with a company that does the same for email. We recommend Google Apps for email, and can help you out if you would like other options also, just drop us a note.

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