Database Service Disruption



2015-JUNE-23 19:01 UTC (RESOLVED)

All nodes have now been recovered and we are monitoring as the situation stabilizes. A post mortem with root-cause analysis will be sent to affected users over the following days.


2015-JUNE-23 18:40 UTC (UPDATE)

While our systems engineering team are working on a solution to this issue, slowdowns may be experienced on the C2 Database cluster as failed nodes are gradually recovered. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


2015-JUNE-23 18:03 UTC (OPEN)

Our C2 Database cluster has been temporarily affected by site-wide interruption of service. Sites that are hosted by this cluster may have experienced a 10 minute interruption for uncached hits or when logged into wp-admin. Our systems engineering team is currently running a root-cause analysis to find out why this event happened.

For real-time status information, please visit the Pressidium Cloud Status page at