Emergency Maintenance for Cluster C31


2020-AUGUST-06 00:47 UTC (RESOLVED)

Emergency maintenance has been successfully completed and the issue affecting cluster C31 has been resolved. While our engineering team was addressing the issue short periods of disrupted backend connectivity may have been experienced. All cluster nodes are now performing nominally and no further disruption of backend connectivity is expected.


2020-AUGUST-06 00:03 UTC (OPEN)

Customers hosted on our C31 Cluster (located in Newark) may experience sporadic backend interruption due to emergency maintenance which is underway on the cluster’s application nodes and database servers. The urgent issue is affecting cluster-wide storage, and the fix will require simultaneous reboots of backend nodes to be deployed. During the reboot,s the cluster’s backends may momentarily not be available, all websites hosted on cluster C31 are currently experiencing degraded performance and connectivity. Resolution ETA / Time-to-fix is expected within the hour.

For real-time status information, please visit the Pressidium Cloud Status page at https://status.pressidium.com