Reduced Redundancy @ LON


2014-DEC-13 17:15UTC (RESOLVED)

Our devops & network engineering teams have successfully deployed the fix which now resolves the issue. The root-cause of the incident was a well hidden mis-configuration which results, under very special circumstances, in an incompatibility between cluster resources and the underlying network infrastructure. This issue has now been marked as resolved

2014-DEC-13 15:26UTC (UPDATE)

Our team has localized the issue and is making progress towards a resolution. Sporadic & very short disruptions of service may result as the issue is being fixed.

2014-DEC-13 13:10UTC (OPEN)

We are experiencing sporadic issues with public facing IP failover at our London Datacenter. This is currently effecting our Load Balancing layer with reduced redundancy. Our devops & network engineering team is investigating the issue.