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How do I create a new WordPress site on Pressidium?

How do I create a new WordPress site on Pressidium? Creating a new and fresh WordPress site using the Pressidium Portal is a matter of few seconds. Just log into the portal and: select the "Websites" option from the left main navigation bar and then press the "Create Website" button. See the following illustration: Once you press the "Create Website" button a new dialog will be displayed where you only need to […]

How do I access my site?

How do I access my site? So you have just created a new WordPress site on Pressidium and you don't know how to access it. Ok, don't worry it's rather simple. You just have to remember the name you specified when you were creating your WordPress site using the Pressidium portal (note you can see a complete list of your websites in the portal, see below). So for example, if the […]

How do I add my domain?

How do I add my domain? So, you are happy with your WordPress site on Pressidium and you wish to associate it with a domain you own, since you just migrated or you are deploying a new site to production. Perfect! You now need to perform the following simple steps: You need to update your DNS settings using the tools your domain registrar provides (this is usually the company from […]

What are the limits on email that I send from my site?

That's a really good question to start with. But first of all, let's put things under the correct perspective : Pressidium, offers a reliable and secure WordPress managed hosting environment that is not suitable nor it is intended for mass e-mail sending. So, if you wish to use your WordPress site for activities like mass mailing or massive outbound campaigns, newsletters, etc then you should definitely use a 3rd party service […]

How do I access my site via SFTP ?

At Pressidium every WordPress site has it's unique SFTP address. This address can be easily remembered  since it is associated with the name of the WordPress site. For example, if you have created a WordPress site "myblog" then the SFTP address for this WordPress install will be sftp.myblog.onpressidium.com (remember that your WordPress install has an address myblog.onpressidium.com on our platform). So, to access your WordPress site over SFTP, configure your […]

How do I move my DNS to Pressidium?

How do I move my DNS to Pressidium? To make things much easier for you, and to reduce the risk of issues & errors when you migrate your site to us we strongly recommend that you do not change your nameservers. Instead all you need to do is modify the DNS records which point to your website. This is accomplished by simply adding a CNAME record which will point your website […]


Some of you may be aware of the scenario of changing some URLs on your site and then you end up flooded by 404 errors and losing visitors and money. It's one of the most common problems where the power of Redirects comes into rescue! There are two ways to setup redirects in Pressidium, both of which, along with the accompanied technical details are explained below. PHP based redirects In […]

How to find my Pressidium account ID

You can find your Pressidium account ID on any of your WordPress sites. Just login to your WordPress site and the administration panel select  "Pressidium" plugin from the side menu.   On the main screen, on the general tab, you will find your account ID in the SFTP section. Check the following example :  

Can I benchmark / load-test my website hosted on Pressidium?

Yes you can, although you will need to take into consideration a few limitations. Web server benchmarking is a common  way to see the responsiveness of software and the underlying infrastructure  when a website is visited at scale. Common tools used for this are usually ApacheBench, Siege and a few others. These tools are usually used to measure the maximum requests per second a web-server can handle  & the overall latency of […]

Does Pressidium provide a staging environment?

YES! We absolutely do! this is one of the most loved features of Premium Managed WordPress Hosting, especially for developers. The ability for you to clone and test each and every production site you own is part of our standard feature set available at no additional charge on each and every plan. One-Click Staging Environment Here’s how it works: Before you make a scary change to your site, click the […]

How to create and use the staging sites feature

Our staging environment allows you to copy & clone your live production site to a staging site, so you can make changes to it and test stuff out on without affecting your live site, and then you can easily push those changes back to your live production site. Introduction A staging site is an independent clone of your live production site that can be easily created to test plugins, themes, and […]

How to test your migrated site before changing DNS

Yes, you can test your migrated website before making that final DNS changes!   You can do this by adding a line in your hosts file. Modifying your hosts file allows you to override the DNS for a domain, forcing your computer to translate a domain to a specific IP, without ever asking the DNS servers. This override will affect only the computer with the modified hosts file. This is useful when […]

Do you support SSL?

Yes! we fully support SSL enabled websites. We also offer FREE Let's Encrypt Certificates for all our customers, managed entirely through our customer portal. How to enable SSL for a Pressidium website? You first need to purchase a certificate from a third-party provider. The Certificate Provider  will ask for a CSR, you can generate a CSR from the Pressidium Portal (under SSL Certificates). The CSR form will ask you for your organization […]

How to Restore my site from a Backup

Restoring a backup on Pressidium is super easy, we will backup your site daily (nightly) and will keep backups of your site for 15 days. Warning Restoring a backup overwrites the current site, and replaces it with the content of the selected backup. Just to be safe before your site is restored from the selected backup we automatically make an instant backup of your site, so if you have accidentally […]

How we handle WordPress core updates

At Pressidium, as part of our management services, we are responsible for updating our customer's WordPress core to the latest possible stable release. As you may already know, it is absolutely essential to maintain an as much as possible up-to-date version of  your WordPress core version to address vulnerabilities and new security issues that may arise. We update your WordPress core on the following schedule : Security releases (or minor […]

Is there a Geo Blocking feature?

Yes, by hosting your sites on Pressidium platform you can use our Geo Blocking feature to block specific countries by accessing any of your sites. You only need to open a support ticket through our customer portal stating the site(s) and respective countries you want to have blocked.   Blocked visitors will be returned with the following error  

How do I manually backup my site?

At Pressidium Backups are no longer a hassle since we will backup your site daily and each time before you push your staging site to production or pull a new copy from production. We also include a nifty one-click instant backup and restore feature at no extra charge so you do not need to use a backup plugin. You can backup your site on demand at any time by using our […]

Does WP CRON work on Pressidium?

Can I use WP CRON ? I see DISABLE_WP_CRON is TRUE in wp-config   The short answer is yes! You can use wp-cron exactly like you used to, we've only improved the way wp-cron is triggered.    How the default wp-cron trigger mechanism works   Scheduling jobs like publishing a post on a specific date and time, or running maintenance jobs, are critical for many websites. WordPress supports the creation of […]