Pressidium® Portal

Pressidium®’s Portal allows for the quick and easy management of your website. Through its clearly designed web interface, traditionally complex and technically demanding management tasks have been made fast and simple. The portal takes full advantage of Pressidium® Platform with its extremely high level of automation and built-in intelligence. The portal gives you full control of an enterprise-grade platform without requiring you to have almost any technical know-how.

Take quick, easy and effective control of all your WordPress deployments with our simple & beautiful one-click interface.

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  • Instant Backups
  • Usage Statistics Dashboard
  • Invoice History
  • Integrated Help Panel & Ticketing
  • One-click deployments from staging
  • Integrated log viewing application
  • Integrated PHPMyAdmin
  • Cache Management

Instant Backups

Planning of making a risky change and you’re afraid of damaging your site? Instant backups were made for this exact purpose, so customers can initiate a 1-click instant backup process before performing risky changes on their production sites. Better safe than sorry!

Usage Statistics Dashboard

View aggregated usage statistics of all your sites on the sidebar of your Portal screen, or just simply select a WordPress site and view the respective usage reporting. Statistics are updated in real-time, giving you a full view of your WordPress sites usage.

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Invoice History

Under the Billing screen, you can find your Invoice History. It shows each invoice generated under your account since your initial subscription to our service, as well as a corresponding status (whether it’s paid or outstanding). In addition, you can choose to view full invoice details online, through the portal, or even download it for reviewing at a later time.

Integrated Help Panel & Ticketing

Having trouble and needing some help? You can search through our Knowledge Base database from inside the portal and read helpful articles covering multiple areas. Simply click on the “Knowledge Base” link on the top menu bar. Can’t find what you’re looking for? No need to worry, as you can open a support ticket 24/7 from inside the same screen and we will provide you with the answers.

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One-click deployments from staging

Having a Staging site is a great tool when you need to test something (e.g., new plugin, change of theme) before deploying it to your production. But what happens when everything works fine and you are happy with the result in your staging site ? The traditional way involves a manual copy of files from staging to production, dumping the database into a file, replacing strings, and importing the database into production. Not with The Pressidium Managed WordPress hosting! Our one-click deployment takes care of everything for you! When you feel happy with the results on your staging site, you can simply push it to production with just one click.

Integrated log viewing application

One way or another, every WordPress user comes to a point where they might need access to the webserver’s logs for troubleshooting. Our log viewing application, which gathers web server logs in real time from our web farm, has been directly integrated into your browser screen. And you are able to download the log file directly to your computer.

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Integrated PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin is the most popular tool for MySQL database management. So instead of building another database manager, we decided to include PHPMyAdmin in our platform and integrate a Single Sign On mechanism in it so you don’t need to remember any extra credentials.

Cache Management

Cache management is automatically triggered by our platform, but we understand the need of power users to control such a mechanism on demand. So we provide you with the ability to clear a website’s cache by just clicking on a button, which removes the related website’s cached objects from all five layers of our platform.

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