Reliability and Uptime

The Pressidium® Platform has no single-point-of-failure and is built from the ground up to be highly available & fault tolerant. We ensure your site is always up and running. Always. All layers are redundant and duplicated. In fact, we have farms of duplicated resources so a site never goes down. Never. In addition, we remove the headache of scaling WordPress environments.

We can serve hundreds of millions of requests each and every day and have the knowledge, engineering and technical expertise to run some of the busiest WordPress sites on the planet.

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  • Highly-Available Architecture
  • Automagic Scalability
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Sites
  • Full Server Management & DevOps
  • Managed Auto-Updates
  • Expert WP support

Highly-Available Architecture

Through extensive reliability engineering, each and every customer benefits from our unique fault tolerant high-availability cloud design. Our scale-out design is composed of groups of application servers (server farms). These offer high availability to all components of the system, including clustered master-master replicated databases, parallel file-systems, web application server farms and active-active caching servers. What this means is that your site may reach a ridiculously large amount of visitors without experiencing any slow downs in performance. These unique characteristics are only seen in large and costly enterprise environments.

Automagic Scalability

Our unique cloud platform design is both horizontal and vertically scalable at every layer. If the platform requires more capacity, more compute, storage or database nodes can be added to any tier at any time without causing any disruption of service. All seemingly transparent to visitors. Likewise, any failed or failing node can be replaced without any disruption of service to the customer. Our design allows for almost infinite scalability and capacity, with new clusters being deployed to our cloud as demand grows, eliminating any technology barriers for mass scalability.

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Automated Backups

A daily carefree backup service removes the burden of management while offering you “peace of mind” in knowing that your data is in safe hands and recoverable in case of a disaster. In addition, we provide an instant snapshot-based backup solution triggered on demand by the platform, with one click or automatically, before dangerous tasks that might damage your website are initiated.

Staging Sites

With one-click, the Pressidium® Platform can deploy a replica of your production site on a different staging install URL known only by you (not indexed by search engines), where features and changes may be tested first prior to production rollout. This nifty feature is loved by developers as it allows you to clone your website at the push of a button, thereby creating your very own playground environment. The playground allows you to make changes and test new plugins and features without impacting or interrupting your live production site. At another push of a button, you can promote your tested playground site to production and then go live.

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Full Server Management & DevOps

Forget all you know about hardware (failures), operating systems, networking, server upgrades and everything in between. It’s common knowledge that it’s impossible to handle all this stuff while still managing & growing your website. Our dedicated team works around the clock to keep all infrastructure healthy and happy, and makes server management carefree, so you can fully concentrate on your business.

Managed Auto-Updates

It can be a real challenge to ensure all your sites are running the latest version of WordPress. Even with the new WordPress auto-update feature, there are often serious complications afterwards. We monitor and test each minor and major WordPress release in our lab before rolling the update out to our customer base. And even then, we carefully update each and every one of our customers’ sites and check if a site is damaged in the process. We implement custom tools like our proprietary “white screen of death detection”, and we run tests that ensure your site generates the same content that it did before the update. If something goes wrong, and a break is detected, we rollback the change and revert to the previous healthy version of the site before the update. All of this takes place without the customer realizing any disruption of service. We work with you to make sure that your site is successfully updated and that your sites are always running the most stable, fastest and coolest version of WordPress.

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Expert WordPress support

Our team of WordPress experts goes above and beyond nearly all other hosting companies on the planet in regard to support. We are truly here to assist our customers. Because we specialize in WordPress, and have such significant and diverse experience, we’re able to answer questions and diagnose issues that 90% of all hosting companies wouldn’t touch. From “Hey, my site is having issues“, to “Can you recommend a plugin for XYZ?“. We’re here to help!