State-of-the-art security is one of our top benefits. Protection is ensured by a number of comprehensive countermeasures implemented to fight against malicious attempts and attacks. We enforce industry proven best practices, we include network & web application firewalls, and we systematically apply the latest security patches. We proactively scan, detect and block malware and vulnerabilities. Everything is carried out transparently for you at the infrastructure layer; and in the very unlikely event your site is compromised, we will fix it. For free.

The Pressidium® Managed WordPress hosting provides you with complete, hassle-free threat prevention so your time is spent building your business.

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  • End-to-end managed security
  • Managed auto-updates
  • Malware monitoring and removal
  • Managed web application firewall (WAF)
  • Bad-bots filtering
  • Fully locked-down environment
  • SFTP Service

End-to-end managed security

Say goodbye to conventional hosting. The Pressidium® Platform is engineered for security and tuned to make WordPress sites fly. It also incorporates extensive security controls and defensive measures in all layers, so your site is never compromised. Our team ensures your site is always up and running around the clock monitoring security breaches & attacks, and taking proactive measures at the infrastructure and application layers – from our network firewalls to WordPress itself.

Managed auto-updates

Never wake up again to your site having been hacked. We automatically scan for, and fix, hacking attempts on your site. And we proactively install WordPress security updates. We keep your site up to date and secure without you having to think about it. Whenever WordPress issues a minor or major update, we test it and then proactively apply it to your site.

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Malware monitoring and removal

We mitigate security issues for our customers by implementing a comprehensive network of countermeasures against malicious attempts. We will proactively scan, detect and block malware and vulnerabilities. This is all done transparently at the infrastructure layer, without the need for any plugins or configuration from the part of the customer. In the unlikely event of one of our customer’s sites is compromised, we will fix it. For free.

Managed web application firewall (WAF)

All our plans include application layer scanning by leveraging a proprietary web application firewall focused on securing WordPress sites. This is part of our complete stack of security services, providing end-to-end protection for your site. We wholeheartedly support your right to feel safe and we provide you with the means to be so.

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Bad-bots filtering

Tired of bad bots hitting your site day and night, stealing your resources, and giving you zero value? Not to worry, as our security stack leverages classification techniques to identify and reject this type of traffic, while allowing legit search engine bots freely indexing your site.

Fully locked-down environment

Regardless of the security features a provider offers in the network layer, you need protection from the most common security breaches that happen from the “inside”. We fight against these kind of attacks by providing you with a fully locked-down and chrooted environment where it’s impossible for any user to gain access to another user’s files & data. Paired with restricted permissions and dedicated server-side PHP execution pools, we will help you sleep safe & sound at night!

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SFTP Service

Secure file access to all your WordPress sites that allows you to make direct file level changes and tweaks to any of your sites via a single login and encrypted protocol communication.