Pressidium is a technology company that builds powerful, secure and scalable infrastructure for businesses.

What we envision

Our vision is to design and perfect an industry-leading managed hosting service for our favorite platform – WordPress. An unparalleled premium web hosting and management service that provides fast, robust, scalable and secure hosting to owners and managers of professional WordPress sites.

What we have built

An enterprise WordPress platform that is trusted by digital agencies, media outlets, tech startups, Fortune 500 companies and is considered to be vastly superior to competing solutions on the market today. From quality of service, workmanship and engineering, to sheer speed, security and site performance, our platform is built to deliver.

What we value

We create technologies that are easy to use and are built on trust. When companies host their websites on our infrastructure, they can trust they’re secure, fast and that they will scale with ease. Our clients’ growth and support has always been our first priority, and it always will be.
What we value

How we started

We come from the high performance IT world, where agility, standards and robust engineering are not mere buzzwords but vital elements of Enterprise infrastructures. The WordPress hosting industry is in dire need of these. We built Pressidium for this sole reason.
Pressidium Timeline

Pressidium® founding team

Pressidium® was launched in 2014 by a team of experienced engineers and developers that envisioned and evangelized a truly high performance and hassle-free WordPress solution.
Our team consists of people that developed character in high-pressure IT environments. Bringing over two decades of industry expertise to the table, they are able to engineer solutions that are not only industry-proven but technology leading as well.
We are performance-oriented, metric-driven, fluff-free and have seen a lot. We work as one.

It’s all about you.

Our company’s culture revolves around one simple thing: making your professional life less frustrating, more productive, and ultimately, happier than ever. Our fully managed WordPress service, its tools, and our support ethos are in alignment with that. Anything less is unacceptable.

  • We listen to our customers
    Our feature roadmap is shaped by your needs and input.
  • We are transparent and honest
    We don’t sugar-coat, or withhold information. You get the straight deal.
  • We truly support you
    Robots close tickets, humans listen and solve problems together.
  • We move forward
    Our WordPress platform does not stay still and neither do we.

We are growing fast.

And we would like you to join us.

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