Feb 2017

Deciphering Linux File System Permissions

Linux file permissions may seem like arcane number theory hieroglyphics to some and it’s understandable. Linux’s filesystem permission model stems from the legacy of UNIX. However, they are quite easy to grasp, once you understand the logic behind them. Permission groups and types All file and folder access control is defined in the filesystem using the following information: Three permission groups: u for owner, g, group, o or a, all users. […]

Feb 2017

Why would you need a staging environment for WordPress?

The woes of developing, deploying and maintaining projects vital to your business are manifold. They are also the reason you need a staging environment for your WordPress site. In this article we are going to discuss: how these  problems are solved by having a staging environment. How you can use your Pressidium Staging to cut costs, test correctly and deploy safely, without breaking anything.   What's wrong with not having […]

Feb 2017

5 Pressidium Features To Get Your Work Done

Working on client projects as a freelancer or as part of a larger team has its own set of problems. Technical ones, process-related ones, bureaucracy, the works. We’ll see how Pressidium’s Pinnacle Platform resolves all of them, and enables you to start  faster, develop easier, and hand-off your client project in the most hassle-free way! Problems you might face We are not saying that you are doomed to face every […]

Feb 2017

WP-CLI 1.1.0 Released!

WP-CLI 1.1.0 was released only a few days ago with a great deal of command and framework improvements as well as bug fixes. WP-CLI is a set of command line tools for managing WordPress installations without the use of a web browser. You can manage multisite installations, plugins, packages, posts and more.  Daniel Bachbuer, WP-CLI's maintainer,  announced a couple of new things as well: First, the project's internal API and commands […]

Feb 2017

Prototyping a Trello-like app using the WordPress REST API

We’ve repeatedly touted WordPress’s REST API  since its announcement , as a move towards a new era for the platform. In this post, we are going to leverage all that we’ve learned in the last few weeks, using an example that showcases how powerful and versatile the WordPress REST API can be. Since interoperability between different languages lies at the heart of what REST is, we are going to design […]

Feb 2017

Social Media Roll Out in January!

  The first month of the year was anything but boring! And in this article we will navigate the world of social media updates and the numerous changes that took place in January. Facebook New Project Launch and Security Feature Facebook declared its quest against fake news in January by launching The Facebook Journalism Project.  True to its form, as a platform for sharing and communicating ideas, it announced its […]

Jan 2017

Developer Dossiers: Software Best Practices

  Best practices exist in all disciplines and so software development couldn’t be without any. There is a lot of literature regarding best practices, some of which border on philosophy, so it can get pretty confusing for someone new trying to make sense of all that. Add to this, the fact that every programming language and every large software project has its own best practices and conventions, and the confusion […]

Jan 2017

Developer Dossiers: An Introduction To Prototyping

  What is prototyping? Prototyping is the activity of building an incomplete model of a system (usually a product) as a proof of concept, or as a means of acquiring more information (costs, dependencies, etc) about what is needed to be built. The developed prototype is then evaluated by test users, and their input is used for further refinement.  There are different types of prototyping, as this activity takes place […]