World-class Managed WordPress Hosting for WooCommerce Websites

The Pressidium platform is used by WooCommerce websites from around the world that require premium, managed WooCommerce WordPress Hosting that is blazingly fast, reliable and secure.

Slow load times can really cost your WooCommerce business. The Pressidium platform has been specifically optimized to provide exceptional load speeds for WooCommerce websites as well as offering the reliability required to ensure you never miss out on a sale.

With sophisticated caching tuned to work brilliantly with WooCommerce, robust security features and DevOp led engineering support available 24/7, 365 days a year it’s no wonder Pressidium is many businesses Number 1 choice for managed WordPress Hosting for WooCommerce!

As a WooCommerce business you need hosting that is:

With even a few minutes of website downtime potentially losing your business thousands in sales, reliable WooCommerce hosting is a must.


Nothing dents customer confidence like a hacked website. Rest easy. Our advanced security systems keep your business website secure.


Our advanced architecture can handle traffic spikes with ease giving you peace of mind that your WooCommerce website will stay online at all times.

WooCommerce Optimized

Our platform is specifically tuned to handle the unique demands of complex WooCommerce websites.

Backed up by expert support

When things go wrong you want to know you have a team who’ll help. Our Engineers are here 24×7, 365 days a year giving you and your team complete peace of mind.

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Fast, Reliable and Secure. The perfect WordPress platform for WooCommerce Websites

Our High Availability Enterprise Architecture platform is used by leading WooCommerce websites that require high levels of uptime, blazingly fast load speeds and the ability to handle traffic spikes. We understand that your WooCommerce website is mission critical and have built our platform from the ground up to ensure your WooCommerce website stays online and performs brilliantly no matter what.

Features Include

Daily Backups
Peace of Mind with Automated Backups

We take daily offsite backups automatically, guaranteeing the safety of your website. In addition, instant backups allow you to quickly take a snapshot of a website prior to in-house staff or third-party developers undertaking any work. If something were to go wrong you can roll back your changes at the click of a button.

High Availability N-Tier Architecture

Our platform has no single-point-of-failure and is built from the ground up to be highly available & fault tolerant. Our infrastructure scales on demand, both horizontally & vertically, without any disruption of service for your site.

Advanced Systems Keep Your Website Secure

Both from an operational and reputational standpoint, a hacked website is bad for business. The Pressidium platform has layers of advanced security built right that defend your WooCommerce website against attack. We also roll out WordPress core upgrades automatically saving you and your team time and money.

Deliver the Best Possible Customer Experience

WooCommerce websites require specific levels of optimization in order to ensure they run smoothly and deliver the best possible experience for your customers. We have fine-tuned the Pressidium platform to specifically run WooCommerce websites with enhancements to our caching layer which is tuned to handle WooCommerce stores.

Support 24x7, 365 Days a Year
We are an Extension of your Team

We pride ourselves on our innovative technological features but feel strongly that these need to be underpinned with world class support delivered by real people! Our DevOps engineers are available 24×7, 365 days a year to help you with your WordPress hosting. We have no Tier 1 and Tier 2 support categories, just highly trained WordPress experts who will work tirelessly to resolve your support requests to your complete satisfaction.

Truly Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting for WooCommerce Businesses

WooCommerce Businesses come in all sizes and so do our plans. We understand hosting can be expensive and strive to offer unbeatable value for money. Our team will work with you to understand your precise needs and will be able to recommend the best plan for you.

If you decide to make the switch to Pressidium, our onboarding team will ensure the process is effortless. We will even migrate your existing WooCommerce site(s) across for free, ensuring the transition to Pressidium is a complete success whilst minimizing any website downtime for your business.


How Pressidium is Helping WooCommerce Businesses Succeed

Case Study – Pixelstart
Digital Agency, Haarlem, Netherlands

Pixelstart describe themselves as a ‘Rockstar internet agency, specialized in web design, branding and development’. Based in Haarlem, in the Netherlands they specialize in delivering pixel-perfect WooCommerce websites that show enormous attention to detail whilst keeping at the forefront of the newest trends in design and development.

In this case study we examine the challenges of running a Digital Agency delivering WooCommerce websites and why Pressidium is the perfect hosting partner for Pixelstart.

Case Study -
Specialist Streamer Suppliers

OWN3D exists to help new (and even professional) streamers take the next step to defining their identity and contributing to streaming culture. They want to help streamers develop an ideal external representation of themselves through overlays, emotes, alerts, tutorials and information that makes streaming more personalized.

In this case study we take a look at the issues faced by of running a WooCommerce website and why Pressidium offers the optimal hosting solution for OWN3D.

Optimizing WooCommerce for Sales Success
An In-Depth Guide to Boosting Store Sales by Fully Optimizing Your WooCommerce Website

Did you know that WordPress is now used to power over 35% of the world’s websites? It’s an astonishing figure and one that continues to rise annually with no sign of slowing down. As such a dominant player in the world of CMS solutions(Content Management Systems), it’s perhaps no surprise to find that the numberWordPress websites running WooCommerce is also seriously sizeable. In fact, when you look at the top Million sites in the world, 25% of them are running WooCommerce.

In this White Paper we are going to look at some key factors that are critical to the success of a WooCommerce store and along the way explore how your WooCommerce store can be best optimized for sales performance.

Pressidium was established in response to an unmet need.

We felt that the WordPress industry, in general, was disparate in terms of the quality, infrastructure and services it provided and that’s what we wanted to change. How? With standards-driven engineering, transparency and enterprise infrastructure built from scratch by IT veterans.


We’ve come a long way since our launch in 2014. Thousands of Agencies, Businesses and Universities trust us to deliver an unparalleled premium web hosting and management service that provides fast, robust, scalable WordPress hosting for their websites. Join them today and find out why!


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