Pressidium® Affiliate Program

Earn $100 per Sign-Up!


Affiliate Program Details

We firmly believe that each and every website spreading the word about Pressidium® and the benefits of the Pressidium® Platform, is essentially a partner. We have therefore partnered with share-a-sale to provide our affiliates with:

- Full transparency on statistics

- Promotional material and banners

- Significant pay-outs for each sale

Payout scheme

- Our reward scheme is performance-based and offers substantial payouts:

- A significant $100 commission for each and every sale!*

- Additional Bonuses for progressive sales volumes

- Earn $50 even for our entry-level micro plan

Minimum Commissions per Sale

Plan Personal Professional Business Business Plus
Commission $100 $100 $100 $100

* Excludes our entry-level micro plan ($50 commission paid on micro plans)

Additional Bonuses based on Sales Volume

Sales / mo At 5 Sales At 10 Sales At 25 Sales At 40 Sales At 60 Sales
Bonus +$50 +$100 +$300 +$500 +$1000

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The Pressidium® affiliate program requires an application and acceptance to participate. We screen for high quality sites, reputable partners, and those who are relevant to our business.