Pressidium® Affiliate Program

Earn $100 per Sign-Up!

Affiliate Program Details

We firmly believe that each and every website spreading the word about Pressidium® and the benefits of the Pressidium® Platform, is essentially a partner.

We have therefore partnered with share-a-sale to provide our partners with:

Full transparency on statistics
Tons of promotional material
Industry leading linear pay-outs

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The Pressidium® affiliate program requires an application and acceptance to participate. We screen for high quality sites, reputable partners, and those who are relevant to our business.


Payout scheme

We offer huge Payouts! and our reward scheme is performance-based:

- A Whopping $100 minimum commission for each and every sale!*

- Significant Bonuses for progressive sales volumes

- Earn $50 even for our entry-level micro plan

Minimum Commissions per Sale

Plan Personal Professional Business Business Plus
Commission $100 $100 $100 $100

*Excludes our entry-level micro plan ($50 commission paid on micro plans)

Additional Bonuses based on Sales Volume

Monthly Sales At 5 Sales At 10 Sales At 25 Sales At 40 Sales At 60 Sales
Bonus +$50 +$100 +$300 +$500 +$1000

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