Dec 2015

Announcing Full Support for WordPress 4.4

Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform Now Runs WordPress 4.4 We are happy to announce that as of today, the Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform, offering the world's most Reliable & Secure WordPress Hosting, is now officially supporting the new stable release of WordPress 4.4, which was released to the public in December 2015. After rigorous testing in our lab, WordPress 4.4 has passed all our internal performance, stability and security testing & benchmarking, so we […]

Dec 2015

WordPress 4.4 'Clifford' Has Arrived

  On December 8th 2015 WordPress 4.4 was released to the public. Nicknamed "Clifford" as a way of honouring the jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, it landed on our dashboards with a variety of new features aiming to make your WordPress experience a whole lot easier.   Updates And Features Of WordPress 4.4 WordPress 4.4 introduces a brand new theme to the collection. Twenty Sixteen is a modern take on a classic theme. Created to […]

Nov 2015

New Feature: Pressidium Migration Wizard

Managing the migration of your website to Pressidium has had its difficulties in the past. One of the major issues we’ve regularly come across was the variation in database table fixes. These required manual editing of your database sql dump file, which as we’re sure you’ll understand, was relatively time consuming.   At Pressidium we strongly believe that you shouldn’t waste your time on migrations. It’s why we always urge […]

Nov 2015

New Feature: Additional SFTP Users

Being a successful site owner, doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about developing. There are bound to be instances where you seek the support of a reputable freelancer or agency to take care of the tasks you’re unable to carry out. Until now, as a Pressidium customer you needed to share your credentials to provide access to your website, for those people helping you out. Yet having […]

Sep 2015

WordPress 4.3.1 Is On It's Way

On the 15th September 2015 WordPress 4.3.1 was released to the public. This update was a security release which tackled several cross-scripting vulnerabilities, that were identified in previous WordPress releases. Further to this, 26 bugs were also identified and fixed making this current release the strongest and most stable version.   How This Affects Pressidium Customers In our previous post, we set out our schedule for upgrading Pressidium customers to […]