News & Updates UPDATED: 29 April 2024

Introducing Our New Data Center in Sydney

Tassos Antoniou

3 min read

It’s time! We are all very excited to announce the launch of our new data center in Sydney!

Our global coverage now reaches users in the furthest corners of the world offering more flexibility in our WordPress hosting than ever! The Sydney data center will better serve sites with traffic from people located in Australia and New Zealand. Hosting your website as close as possible to your visitors is a must to satisfy the demanding, and often overlooked, site performance needs of the average person.

The Benefits of Sydney Data Center

Optimizing website speed is a tedious process with many moving parts, from performance deficits at the code level to properly serving and prioritizing site content.

However, network latency, the time it takes for data to travel to and from the site and the visitor, is a foundational metric to consider. The further away it is hosted from the visitor, the slower it will be, no matter its size or how well it is optimized.

This is why your website’s content should be delivered as geographically close to your visitors as possible. Minimizing network latency, results in faster content loading and a snappier user experience.

In addition to improving performance, our new Sydney Data Center also accommodates sites requiring hosting specifically in Australia due to strict data handling and protection regulations.

The Technology

Our new data center adheres to the same high standards as all of our existing datacenter regions. Our advanced architecture and infrastructure ensures a fast, secure, and reliable solution for all hosted websites.

  • Multilayer Adaptive Caching: Uses multiple caching layers to enhance website speed and performance.
  • High Availability: Takes advantage of fault-tolerant, multi-node server clusters to ensure no single point of failure even in disaster situations.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Features a web application firewall and multiple layers of security protocols and policies to protect websites.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Ensures smooth performance across server clusters and reliability.
  • Operational Intelligence: Incorporates monitoring tools like NewRelic and Nagios/Icinga to manage system health.

There’s more! You can leverage our integrated Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) tailored for WordPress for all your sites. With our CDN, your website’s content, including images, styles, scripts, and other assets, is distributed from multiple edge locations, ensuring that the content is delivered from the nearest edge node to your visitors.

Introducing Our New Data Center in Sydney: Akamai Enterprise CDN

We would like to emphasize that we now provide the Enterprise CDN to all customers through our partnership with Akamai Technologies providing a single-click activation process, per site, through your Pressidium dashboard.

Finally, please note that the new Sydney Data Center is available on all plans.

In conclusion, our new data center in Sydney marks an exciting milestone in our commitment to providing top-tier WordPress hosting solutions. With improved speed and reliability and our ever-growing network, we’re dedicated to enhancing the online experience for customers with site visitors from Australia and New Zealand.

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