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Next-Level Web Performance with Akamai Enterprise CDN

Tassos Antoniou

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Pressidium® has recently partnered with Akamai Technologies, and now offers Akamai Enterprise CDN to all customers with no change in pricing.

Pressidium Partners with Akamai Enterprise CDN

Pressidium has consistently proven our dedication to advancing hosting solutions for WordPress websites. In this pursuit of excellence, several notable collaborations have played a pivotal role. Recently, we took the next step toward further improving our WordPress-optimized Content Delivery Network (CDN) service by partnering with Akamai Enterprise CDN. From now on, our customers will be enjoying Enterprise CDN services with no change in current CDN pricing.

In case you are not familiar with what a WordPress CDN is and how it makes your site faster, it is a technology purposed to solve the problem of slow website loading caused by rich media & web content (called assets) such as images or video. A CDN can significantly improve your WordPress website’s performance by reducing load times and ensuring faster content delivery. This is accomplished by setting up a network of CDN edge servers that, with each browser request, will choose the closest server to your site’s visitors to deliver content. It is a practice that is quite popular especially when it comes to resource-demanding high-traffic websites.

Akamai Enterprise CDN is the pioneer of this field. Their quest to build the first content delivery service began 25 years ago and has led them to be trusted by the biggest brands in the world. Below are highlights of the advantages of Akamai Enterprise CDN on website speed, security, and global reach.

Key Features of Akamai Enterprise CDN

Akamai CDN, a pioneer in content delivery services, stands at the forefront of ensuring seamless and accelerated online experiences. With a global network of servers strategically positioned, Akamai optimizes the delivery of web content, reducing latency and enhancing website performance.

Akamai’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network operates worldwide with over 300+ Points Of Presence (PoPs). Beyond speed, Akamai’s CDN prioritizes security, providing robust protection against cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of digital assets. Whether it’s efficiently caching content or delivering a reliable and secure online presence, the engine that powers Akamai CDN stands out.

In more detail, Akamai utilizes a global network of approximately 365,000 edge servers strategically placed closer to end-users, in more than 135 countries. Moreover, these servers run sophisticated algorithms with Akamai’s Edge Server network intelligence technology to enable the delivery of highly scalable distributed applications.

Pressidium Integration with Akamai Enterprise CDN

As a Pressidium customer, everything is already provisioned and your new CDN resources are ready for production use through the Pressidium dashboard.

Even in the case you might be using a custom CDN domain name, we provide a really easy two-step procedure you need to perform before you can use the new CDN service. Once you complete these actions, your site will start using the new infrastructure immediately.

Last but not least, this significant upgrade to our CDN service comes at no additional cost!

Pressidium Customer Impact and Benefits

With its high-performance Content Delivery Network, Akamai has managed to minimize the effects of peering point congestion, latency, and network outages when delivering content. As a result, customers enjoy levels of reliability and performance that are not possible with competing solutions.

Akamai Enterprise CDN remains the most trusted solution for businesses seeking top-tier content delivery and a superior user experience for their WordPress site. We are convinced that this collaboration brings significantly more value and performance benefits to our customers without impacting their budget.

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