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Announcing New WordPress Hosting Plans and Pressidium Data Centers

Tassos Antoniou

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Elevating Performance and Reach for WordPress Users Worldwide

Pressidium® is transforming Managed WordPress Hosting with innovative new plans and an expanded global data center network, delivering tailored solutions and enhanced global reach. Continuing our pursuit of excellence and innovation, we are introducing new services and locations to offer tailored solutions for a variety of hosting needs.

In a recent press release, Pressidium® unveiled the new WordPress Hosting Plans and Global Datacenters.

The new range of plans are available in four main categories — Entry Plans, Agency Plans, Premium Site Plans, and Enterprise Plans — each offering daily managed backups, free SSL certificates, and 24/7 expert support.

All plans feature free white-glove migrations, an enterprise global CDN, a powerful analytics suite, staging sites, a blazing-fast cache engine, team management and activity logs, proactive malware scanning and removal, managed WordPress core updates, hassle-free website and plugin management, threat protection and a security firewall, automatic and on-demand backups.

Beyond these essentials, each product line is uniquely designed to meet specific business needs.

Entry Plans

Our brand new Entry Plans, starting at just $21 per month, are ideal for startups, small businesses, or individuals looking for an affordable online presence with room to grow. These plans support 1 to 8 WordPress sites, offering 10GB to 40GB of storage, and accommodating 50K to 300K unique monthly visits. With CDN bandwidth from 50GB to 400GB, your site delivers fast loading times globally.

Pressidium WordPress Hosting entry Plans

As your needs expand, you can seamlessly upgrade your plan or choose from a variety of flexible add-ons:

  • Extra Websites: Add more websites to your account without having to upgrade your entire plan.
  • Additional CDN Traffic: Boost your site’s performance with additional CDN bandwidth.
  • Reverse Proxy Support: Seamlessly host WordPress sites on subdirectories or behind external infrastructure.
  • More Frequent Backups: Choose from every 6 hours to hourly backups for ultimate peace of mind.

Affordable excellence is just a click away. Select the Entry plan that fits your needs and experience the Pressidium® advantage.

Agency Plans

At Pressidium, we understand the unique needs of digital agencies and freelancers. Our brand-new Agency Plans are specifically designed to offer scalable pricing combined with powerful dedicated hosting.

Pressidium WordPress Hosting Agency Plans

Starting from just $125, they provide scalable pricing with robust dedicated hosting, allowing you to host between 12 to 40 WordPress sites.

These plans are storage optimized so that an agency can easily fit all of their customer sites without breaking the bank.

Storage capacities range from 60GB to 400GB, accommodating between 400K to 800K unique visits per month. To ensure smooth performance during high-traffic periods, included CDN bandwidth varies from 500GB to 1300GB.

For more details, review the Agency Plans feature matrix to find the plan that best suits your requirements.

Premium Site Plans

For owners and managers of high-traffic, resource-intensive sites, our new Premium Site Plans deliver the robust infrastructure required. Designed for peak performance, these plans offer dedicated infrastructure at competitive prices.

Pressidium WordPress Hosting Premium Site Plans

Our Premium Plans start at just $167 per month. Each plan supports one WordPress site, offering storage capacities between 50GB and 150GB. They are designed to handle 600K to 1.5 million unique visits per month and they include 600GB to 1,400GB of CDN bandwidth.

Perfect for E-Commerce and LMS

  • For e-learning platforms utilizing tools such as LearnDash or LifterLMS, our Premium Site Plans offer optimized infrastructure designed for rapid loading and reliable access to educational content. This boosts user engagement and ensures a smooth learning experience, positioning our plans as the preferred choice in the educational sector.
  • For e-commerce sites, fast load times are crucial for boosting sales and enhancing user experience. Our Premium Site Plans ensure your store operates smoothly even during peak traffic periods. This makes them a vital investment for any online business aiming to increase sales and improve SEO.

Enterprise Plans

Our Enterprise Plans meet the rigorous demands of business-critical applications. With exclusive VIP level priority support, a dedicated Account Manager, and expert DevOps engineers any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our advanced security systems, including managed Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and 24/7 monitoring, safeguard your sites against threats. Designed to scale up to 10 million visits and beyond, these plans are perfect for high-profile sites and businesses requiring additional brand protection.

Beyond the exclusive features of these offerings, let’s explore some of the enterprise-grade features that are available on Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting.

New Data Centers

We are excited to announce six new data centers in Sydney, Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, and São Paulo. These join our existing locations in London, Newark, Ashburn, Santa Clara, and Singapore, enhancing our footprint in Europe, South America, and Australia.

These facilities meet Pressidium’s rigorous standards, delivering superior hosting technologies:

  • Multilayer Adaptive Caching: Uses multiple caching layers to enhance website speed and performance.
  • High Availability: Takes advantage of fault-tolerant, multi-node server clusters to ensure no single point of failure even in disaster situations.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Features web application firewalls, network firewalls, intrusion detection, and multiple layers of security measures, protocols, and policies to protect websites.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Ensures smooth performance across server clusters and reliability.
  • Operational Intelligence: Incorporates monitoring tools such as NewRelic, Nagios, Icinga and more to manage system health.

The new data centers also comply with local data regulations and are integrated with Akamai’s Global Enterprise CDN.

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Premium Features, Yours with Pressidium®

All of our Managed WordPress Hosting Plans come packed with essential features designed to provide top-notch security and protection, data safety and recovery, performance, support, site management, development, and analytics.

At Pressidium®, we are committed to providing enterprise-grade features at an affordable price, ensuring smooth website operation and hassle-free upgrades to more advanced plans.

Security and Protection

Enhance your site’s security with comprehensive security provided by Pressidium®. Benefit from free SSL certificates that protect your data and boost SEO rankings. Pressidium’s robust security firewall safeguards your site from various attacks, ensuring a secure environment.

Additionally, Pressidium’s proactive malware scanning and removal service continuously monitors and protects your site from potential threats, providing peace of mind and maintaining optimal performance.

With these features, your site remains secure and ready to handle any challenges.

Data Safety and Recovery

Ensure your data is always safe with our daily managed backups. These backups provide reliable data protection, making recovery both simple and efficient. Additionally, Pressidium® automatic and on-demand backup options offer continuous data protection, ensuring your data is secured at all times.

This combination guarantees that your information is always protected and readily available whenever you need it. Pressidium’s robust backup solutions ensure confidence, knowing your data is always safeguarded.

Performance and Speed

Experience seamless global content delivery with our Enterprise Global CDN, powered by our partnership with Akamai Enterprise. This global network with more than 300 points of presence in 135 countries ensures your audience enjoys swift, reliable access to your site, no matter their location. Our advanced caching solutions, including the integrated Object Cache (Redis), take site performance to the next level.

The blazing-fast cache engine dramatically accelerates load times, enhancing user experience and boosting engagement. Embrace these powerful tools to optimize your website’s speed and reach, providing a superior browsing experience for your global audience.

Take advantage of our free performance audit offer to identify and resolve any issues affecting your site’s speed and performance. Our experts will provide a detailed report with actionable insights to ensure your site runs at its best. Apply easily using our form to get your free performance audit.

Support and Management

Our 24/7 expert support ensures you receive assistance from WordPress professionals at any time. Experience seamless site transfers with our free white-glove migrations, eliminating any hassle. Simplify your site management with intuitive tools via the Pressidium® dashboard, making website and plugin management a breeze.

Keep your sites up-to-date with the latest WordPress features and improvements through our managed WordPress core updates, ensuring your site remains current and optimized with the latest PHP versions.

Development and Analytics

Use Pressidium® staging sites to safely test changes before making them live, ensuring seamless updates without risk. With our powerful analytics suite, you can gain valuable insights into your site’s performance, using comprehensive tools to track and analyze key metrics. Efficiently manage your team and monitor activities with Pressidium® team management and activity logs, promoting effective collaboration and detailed tracking of changes.

All of these features are designed to enhance your site’s functionality, performance, and overall user experience, reflecting our commitment to providing top-tier WordPress hosting solutions.

Why Choose Pressidium?

Pressidium® delivers top-tier Managed Hosting services for WordPress, trusted by industries including digital agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our solutions are fast, robust, scalable, and secure, backed by over two decades of industry expertise. We provide performance-oriented, metric-driven WordPress solutions.

Our advanced hosting solutions and global data center network offer customized services and enhanced worldwide reach. See our plans to explore how our new services can elevate your online presence.

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