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WordCamp Europe 2024 Recap: Highlights from Torino

Dily Sotireli

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We were beyond excited to sponsor this year’s WordCamp Europe 2024 (WCEU). From June 12-15, the charming city of Torino, Italy, played host to an incredible gathering of WordPress enthusiasts, developers, and contributors from all over the world. Here’s a quick recap of the event’s highlights.

Where We Were: Italy, Torino

WordCamp Europe 2024 was hosted in Torino at the historic Lingotto Fiere, once a bustling Fiat factory. This unique venue was a perfect fit for the event’s “automobile” theme, adding an extra layer of excitement and significance to the experience.

Contributor’s Day: Collaboration at Its Best

The first day of WCEU 2024 kicked off with Contributor’s Day, a standout highlight of the event.

This year, we saw a record-breaking number of contributors, 726 attended, showcasing the community’s enthusiasm for collaboration, mutual support, and knowledge exchange on various topics.

So, what is Contributor’s Day? It’s a day where everyone comes together at open-space tables, forming spontaneous focus groups to tackle different projects. This year’s atmosphere was especially vibrant and engaging, with people from around the world uniting to contribute to the WordPress project.

Conference Highlights

Joost de Valk and Juliette Reinders Folmer delivered the event’s opening keynote address on sustaining open source software projects.

The conference covered a wide array of topics and featured many engaging speakers. One standout was Pressidium’s designer’s presentation, “Leave a Gap: The Importance of White Space in Web Design.” This lightning talk captivated the audience with its concise and impactful content, delivered with charisma by Ioanna Aravani. Check out the session’s slides here.

Several other presentations were noteworthy for their social messages or practical insights. Notable mentions include “Fixing the Ladder: Getting More Women into Leadership at WordPress Business” by S. McKeown and D. Teal, “Rehumanizing the Web” by F. Tellado, and “Think Like a Hacker: Attack Your WordPress” by M. Held.

You can catch up on the sessions by following the WordCamp Europe YouTube channel.

Closing the event, Matt Mullenweg shared 11 things to ensure that WordPress remains sustainable for decades to come.

Pressidium Sponsorship & Giveaway

During the conference, our booth was a hit, receiving a lot of positive feedback for our presence and giveaway. Everyone — visitors, sponsors, organizers, volunteers, and partners loved our fantastic swag. Cody, our mascot, once again won everyone’s heart, adding to the atmosphere and charming all attendees.

178 visitors altogether joined the Pressidium contest. On June 15th, we drew the lucky winners of the Pressidium giveaway.

Mr. Dominik Liss won the iPad giveaway.

Mr.  Aleksandar Atlagic won 1 year of free managed hosting with Pressidium.

Congratulations to the winners!

Performance Audit Spread Out

Christos Paloukas, our performance engineer, was a prominent presence at the event. If you were there, you couldn’t miss him — he was at the forefront, spreading the word and advising on performance audits and more, ensuring everyone benefited from his expertise.

Social Event & WCEU After Party

The social events and after-party attracted large crowds and were highly appealing. Sponsors, organizers, and volunteers enjoyed an exclusive 1.5-hour tour of the Automobile Museum, delving into the rich history of Italian cars — an experience that will be cherished for years to come.

The after party, themed around “cinema”, paid tribute to Italy’s legendary film industry, celebrated for producing some of the most beloved films in history. It was open for everyone and it rocked!

Event Feedback: Travel and Venue Experience

Overall, Torino proved to be an affordable and convenient location for the event. The venue’s location was accessible, and the transportation options were efficient. While the food at the venue received mixed reviews, and not all locals spoke English, these quirks added to the charm of experiencing a different culture and even offered a chance to learn some Italian.

Pressidium team @ WordCampe Europe 2024

Grazie, Torino! Up next is Basel, Switzerland.

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