Apr 2016

We're Sponsoring WordCamp Jacksonville 2016

You may have already heard that in April not only will be sponsoring but also attending WordCamp San Diego. However as part of our ongoing initiative to give back to this tight-knit and talented WordPress community, we’re proud to announce we’ll be sponsoring WordCamp Jacksonville.   WordCamp Jacksonville is Jacksonville’s only conference about all things WordPress. At WordCamp Jacksonville, enthusiastic individuals from the community attend to teach everyone about all […]

Mar 2016

See You At WordCamp San Diego 2016

WordCamps are an excellent way to connect and join in with the WordPress community. This time we have the great pleasure of announcing our sponsorship of WordCamp San Diego 2016. Pressidium has participated in a number of WordCamps previously, most notably WordCamp Europe 2014 and WordCamp Vienna 2015, and most recently WordCamp Prague 2016, while we're sponsoring WordCamp Jacksonville 2016 too. We’ve found them to be a great way to support the WordPress […]

Feb 2016

16 Excellent WordPress Blogs to Follow Right Now

WordPress is a wonderful platform to work with. Since its inception with just a few lines of code in 2003, it has gone on to be used on over 25% of all websites to date. From simple blogs to fortune 500 companies, WordPress is the go-to CMS of choice for thousands of people. Helping support the software we’ve grown to love, are hundreds of bloggers who’ve contributed to growing the […]

Feb 2016

How Reliable WordPress Hosting Saved This Designer’s Small Business

  It’s incredibly easy for us to talk endlessly about the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting. We’re naturally biased and believe passionately in what we’ve built with the Pressidium Pinnacle Platform. What’s more important to us however, is that our message goes beyond the realms of our devotees, reaching others who are facing hosting struggles of their own and showing them there are options out there to make their lives […]

Feb 2016

Pressidium Platform now running WordPress 4.4.2

WordPress 4.4.2 has just been released (2nd of February 2016) and this update is a maintenance and security release which tackles two security issues that were identified in previous WordPress releases. Additionally, 17 bugs that were identified in the previous release have also been resolved making WordPress 4.4.2 the most secure and stable current release. You can view a full list of changes on the current release notes.     What You Need To Do […]

Jan 2016

Pressidium Customers Will Soon Be Using WordPress 4.4.1

On the 6th January 2016 WordPress 4.4.1 was released to the public. This update was a maintenance and security release which tackled several cross-scripting vulnerabilities, that were identified in previous WordPress releases. Further to this, 56 bugs were also identified and fixed making this current release the strongest and most stable version. Other areas tackled in this update included updates for the latest emoji characters, a fix directed towards the re-use of old […]

Dec 2015

Introducing Pressidium Cloning

Start Faster, Develop easier! One of the major issues WordPress developers deal with, is setting up the work environment. This is done before any actual work can begin. Tasks like creating accounts and tweaking templates and plugins, introduce a lot of overhead. Most of these tasks are fairly repeatable, and the time they take could be put to better use. The new Pressidium Website Cloning feature makes all that fuss […]