Jan 2017

An introduction to the WordPress REST API

The release of WordPress 4.7 generated a lot of excitement in the community, and with good reason. Besides the many improvements and features introduced, the real show stealer was the REST API core integration announcement. As we mentioned in previous posts, this effectively transforms WordPress from a blogging platform to a Content Management System (CMS). But how will this transformation take place? And what will be the benefits for the […]

Jan 2017

How to use Git with your Pressidium website

  In this article we will be discussing how you can integrate a Git repository (or a repository from a different version control system) with your Pressidium website by using an external service such as deployHQ or DeployBot (or any other similar one). We will be using deployHQ as an example (its super easy and has a free tier as well), but the steps needed are similar when using other […]

Jan 2017

2016: Major WordPress Vulnerabilities & The Best Thing You Can Do

  The WordPress ecosystem is vast. According to the official WordPress site, there are 48,360 different, available plugins (in the time of writing) and over 2,000 themes available for downloading. A plugin, usually, consists of thousands of lines of code. And it only takes one line of code that is not well thought of, or a missing check, for it to be rendered vulnerable to attack. As the WPScan Vulnerability […]

Dec 2016

2016: Highlights and This One Important Thing

2016 as you would probably not doubt, was a very intense year, to say the least. Our company kept on growing fast while many exciting things were happening in WordPress. At the same time, the rest of the world was seemingly going mad. Let's start with the world of WordPress. WordPress 2016 Highlights Undoubtedly, the highlight of this year was the  release of WordPress 4.7 "Vaughan". This new version features […]

Dec 2016

The Travelling Santa Problem

  Christmas time is here and all of us, in Pressidium, have been working fervently behind the scenes to keep everything humming. At times,when we grow despondent (perhaps a little bit grumpy) we remind ourselves of all the things we are grateful for. We also remind ourselves that some others have it way more difficult than we do. And that includes Santa as well. No, we are not talking about […]

Dec 2016

Transferring files: the difference between FTP and SFTP.

  The concept of file transferring in computer networks is probably as old as email itself,  if not older. There are many ways and protocols used for file transferring and as technologies have evolved over the years, so has the process of file transferring. One file transfer protocol, which became a standard, is FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP  is a protocol for transferring files via a network (typically a TCP/IP one, […]

Dec 2016

How email works

  The concept of electronic mail is older than the concept of Internet or ARPANET itself,  as it made its first appearance in the 1960s. Electronic mail is a technology used by people to exchange digital messages across a network. It is asynchronous, in the sense that users need not be online all the time in order to communicate. Each user has a mailbox, hosted in an SMTP mail server, which […]

Dec 2016

How DNS works

Computers communicate over the Internet using an addressing scheme called IP. An IP address, is a unique string of numbers, separated by full stops. However, humans tend to be terrible at remembering long strings of numbers. So, in order to make access to computers easier, a phone book of sorts was needed. A phone book that would map computer names to IP addresses; so that humans and software could easily connect […]