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Billie WordPress 4.3

Get Ready For WordPress 4.3 "Billie"

On August 18th 2014 WordPress 4.3 was released to the public. Nicknamed “Billie” as a way of honouring the jazz singer Billie Holiday, it landed on our dashboards with a variety of new features aiming to make formatting content a whole lot easier.   Updates And Features Of WordPress 4.3 WordPress 4.3 introduces the inclusion […]

Stacey Corrin

2 years ago

WordPress Hosting Research

Critical WordPress 4.2.4 Security Release

Today saw the release of the new WordPress 4.2.4 update, addressing critical security issues that can be potentially damaging to many WordPress sites. The critical cross-site scripting vulnerabilities which was first reported by Marc-Alexandre Montpas (part of the Sucuri team), Helen Hou-Sandi (of WordPress Security), Netanel Rubin (of CheckPoint) and Ivan Grigorov, had the potential to […]

Stacey Corrin

2 years ago

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