May 2015

How Does Pressidium Handle Managed WordPress Hosting Updates?

How Does Pressidium Handle WordPress Updates?   Updating to the latest version of WordPress is crucial for the security of your website. As we've seen in recent months, vulnerabilities are always being found that could potentially leave your site open to attack. But sometimes it's not always as easy as hitting the update button. Whichever way you update your core WordPress installation, there's always the inevitable bugs that follow. With Pressidium […]

Apr 2015

Pressidium Customer Sites Now Updated To WordPress 4.1.4

Pressidium Customer Sites Now Updated To WordPress 4.1.4     Due to ongoing research into a critical cross-site scripting (XSS) issue, WordPress has released a new security update for all previous WordPress versions. WordPress 4.1.4, along with 4.2.1 has been released to the public to fix these issues and to ensure the ongoing security of your sites. The Pressidium team have been hard at work rolling out the 4.1.4 patch […]

Apr 2015

WordPress 4.2 "Powell" Is Released

WordPress 4.2 "Powell" Is Released!     As you may already know, WordPress 4.2 "Powell" was officially released on 23rd of April 2015! This new stable release brings - as always - various bug fixes and optimizations plus a few new features like support for emojis, a new and improved "Press This" button, theme switching via the WordPress Customizer and streamlined plugin updates. As with any non-security related, new major release, we do […]

Apr 2015

WordPress 4.1.2 Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.1.2 Maintenance Release now Deployed and In-Production   Today, WordPress 4.1.2 was made available (read the release announcement here). This maintenance release fixes a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, as well as further security fixes. See the full changelog here, which lists all of the improvements and bug-fixes now available in 4.1.2. We are happy to announce that all our customer's existing WordPress installs hosted on Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform have been successfully upgraded to WordPress 4.1.2. Our […]

Apr 2015

XSS Vulnerability Affecting Multiple WordPress Plugins

XSS Vulnerability Affecting Multiple WordPress Plugins   As you’re no doubt well aware, security is one of our top priorities here at Pressidium. Our platform is built to be as secure as possible for our customers, however there are always areas that are out of our control. One such area is the use of WordPress Plugins and the practice of keeping them up to date. It’s come to our attention […]

Apr 2015

How Pressidium Handles WordPress Scaling (And Why It's Crucial For Your Website)

Anyone who has a website understands the importance of growth. Without growth your site languishes, it becomes outdated and is eventually forgotten. It's why you put so much effort into creating quality content, promoting that content and getting your information in front of the people that matter. You want to grow your audience, build a community and generate interest. Growth can come with a downside though and it rears its […]

Apr 2015

Getting Started On Pressidium: First Steps To Success

Signing up to a WordPress host is easy. You pop in your details, click a few buttons and within a few minutes you’re the proud owner of a shiny new hosting account. But what happens after you’ve signed up? What should you be doing to ensure your setup goes as smooth as possible? It’s a question many people ask and for the benefit of our customers, we want to answer […]

Mar 2015

We’re Sponsoring WordCamp Vienna: Win One Of 2 Tickets!

Last year Pressidium had the great honor of being official sponsors of WordCamp EU in Sofia. As you can see from our recap of the event, we had an absolute blast and thoroughly enjoyed our time spent getting to know our WordPress friends. As part of our ongoing initiative to give back to this tight-knit and talented community, we’re proud to announce we’ll be sponsoring WordCamp Vienna as one of their […]