pinnacle ˈpɪnək(ə)l/ (noun) – the point of greatest success
Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform delivers the security you need to safely propel your site to the highest points of success

  • Managed auto-updates
  • End-to-end managed security
  • Malware monitoring and removal
  • Managed web application firewall
  • Bad bots filtering
  • Expert WP support
  • Full chroot environment



Reliability & Uptime

pinnacle ˈpɪnək(ə)l/ (noun)the culmination, the top, climax of
Industry-leading availability delivered by Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform. Your door is always open and the lights are always on

  • Highly-Available Architecture on every layer
  • Enterprise-grade FT Scale-out design
  • Automagic Scalability, grows as you grow
  • Fully managed platform & DevOps admin
  • Automated backups & auto-updates
  • One-Click Staging sites




pinnacle ˈpɪnək(ə)l/ (noun)
the upper-limit, peak, zenith

WordPress-tuned Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform takes you past the limit of what managed hosting has offered before

  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • SSD Highly Available Storage
  • Multi layer adaptive caching
  • CDN & Geo DNS support
  • Fully burstable elastic cloud
  • SSL Acceleration
  • PHP opcode caching & acceleration
  • Image optimization & lazy loading



Designed to "Never Fail, Always Scale"

The managed “Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform” for WordPress delivers enterprise-grade architecture in an easy to navigate portal. You are given the means to effectively harness the full power, reliability and security of corporate level managed web hosting so you can fully concentrate on building your business.

Pressidium® Pinnacle Platform

Built with webscale technologies and systems specifically optimized to deliver incredible speed, unparalleled availability and uptime for WordPress.

Join the Pressidium revolution today and experience the new frontier of what managed WordPress hosting can REALLY deliver!