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Trusted by small businesses through to Fortune 500’s, our High-Availability hosting will make your website fly. With innovative features baked right in & DevOps support available 24x7, make the switch today.



First to introduce N-Tier Enterprise High-Availability to the WordPress world. First in systems engineering technology for WordPress.


Highly sophisticated security architecture that provides superior protection, exceeding industry standards by far.


Say goodbye to stand-alone servers, VPS or containers.
Every site on Pressidium runs on a load-balanced fleet of systems.


Unlike others, we’re staffed with seasoned engineers.
No first-level support agents. Humans, not robots.


We run a number of content websites, and they generate revenue through ads. If the websites are offline, slow, or do not work as expected, we do not make money.

With Pressidium we had zero downtime (redundancy, load-balancing, clustering).

Any time we had a technical issue, it was fixed inside of minutes – not hours.

Elena Buetler
Level Up Technology AG

The service provided by Pressidium has allowed my company to grow exponentially, and we have increased hosting revenue by 100%, producing more income.

My team is able to work faster, more cost-effectively, and focus on other tasks rather than managing servers.

Emi Melker
101 Management

Pressidium worked with us to get the best performance out of our sites, and have systems in place to ensure that sites stay up, even during times of very high traffic.

All of our sites run very quickly now and Pressidium support is excellent, the best we’ve experienced in the WordPress hosting industry, without exception.

Lloyd Jones

Pressidium®: Solid infrastructure and a professional team that goes above and beyond to keep things ticking.

With Pressidium handling our DevOpswe are able to put more time into development.

Very impressed.

Phil Kurth
Head of Development

We were impressed with the tech stack and the DevOps mentality from Pressidium. Which worked really well with our vision on how to manage websites and deployments, and from a price point to features perspective.

With Pressidium we’ve been able to expand the hosting and maintenance part of our business. Maintenance revenue increased by 56% from FY17 to FY18.

James Bundey
Creative Approach


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Large organizations & corporations use our infrastructure to scale their WordPress sites with quality support and leading enterprise architecture.
Pressidium® is an award winning Top Tier WordPress Hosting Platform, repeatedly achieving top positions in the Review Signal industry standard benchmark.


Advanced Technology with Amazing Support

Pressidium® offers industrial grade Enterprise WordPress Hosting with cutting-edge technology and a specialist DevOps support team staffed solely by WordPress Experts & Experienced Systems Engineers. Our feature-rich managed WordPress hosting service and user-friendly dashboard allow you to concentrate on development without worrying about your website:

  • One-click WordPress Staging Environments
  • One-click Clone WordPress Site and Billing Transfer
  • One-click Push Staging Site to Production Environment
  • One-click Instant Backup and Restore your WordPress site
  • One-click Let's Encrypt and Third-party SSL Certificate Support
  • Easy Turn-key Management directly from the Pressidium® Dashboard


N-tier enterprise HA architecture.

Minimum downtime.

No single point of failure.


Hassle-free threat prevention.

Multi-layered security mechanisms.

No plugins or sweat required.


Maximum acceleration.

Advanced server-side caching.

Lightning-fast, scalable and robust page rendering.


100% engineer-staffed helpdesk with eyes-on-glass 24/7/365.

First class support and DevOps collaboration between your developers and our IT.

We are Global!

With four main data center regions in North America, Europe, Oceania & Asia Pacific, and 42 strategic edge locations spanning the entire globe.


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Examining what your Business Needs to Succeed with WordPress.

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