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Enterprise-XS deployed: Dedicated 5-node WordPress hosting from $790 / mo

Yorgos Fountis

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We’re excited to announce the official release of our brand new entry level Enterprise plan named Enterprise-XS (Extra Small) !

Enterprise-XS is a cost effective Enterprise-grade solution, that brings the power of Pressidium Enterprise architecture to site owners, brands and agencies with a unique price-tag. One that won’t break the bank.

We specifically designed it to complement our larger Enterprise hosting product line, retaining all the power and benefits, at a significantly reduced cost.

Hosting your business on Enterprise-XS allows you to enjoy all the advantages of an Enterprise Partnership with Pressidium, that might have been inaccessible until now due to budget constrains. Enterprise-XS is a perfect fit for a growing business, educational organisation, or startup, that needs a dedicated highly-available hardware solution with VIP level support, but cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars every month.

With Enterprise-XS, initial cost burdens can be reduced, and your business can be hosted on dedicated infrastructure resources, with multi-layered security, high availability and true DevOps WordPress support.

Needing to scale up? There’s Pressidium Enterprise I, II, III, IV, V and beyond. No additional migrations, no downtime.

Uniquely priced from $790/mo, you can either host one single large site, or a few lightweight ones, since it offers 120GB of highly-available storage capacity, with all the benefits of Pressidium Enterprise (we’ll get to those in a minute).

If you are a digital agency, Enterprise-XS will help you consolidate all your light-weight sites on dedicated hardware, without the hassle of switching accounts, or exceeding storage quotas.

Alternatively, you can leverage all the dedicated processing power and high availability architecture, to host a single high-demand site.

Enterprise XS is recommended for: Digital Agencies, Brands & Corporate sites, Educational Organizations and Universities, IT solution providers, eCommerce/WooCommerce sites, and organizations with demanding regulatory requirements (increased isolation, security and support)

Let’s get down to XS detail

Enterprise-XS guarantees high availability & scalability for your web properties and consists of a Five Node Enterprise Server Cluster (5 Servers). The environment provides all the features & benefits of the Pressidium® Platform and our unique Enterprise Architecture design:

  • Designed for 1,000,000 Visits / month (With no overage visit charges – ever!)
  • Five (5) Enterprise-Grade Servers
  • Unlimited WordPress installs
  • Server Cluster is built, delivered and operated in a choice of 4 global datacenter locations: North America East, North America West, Europe (London,UK) and Oceania & Asia Pacific.
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • 120GB Enterprise SSD Replicated HA storage capacity (fully scalable – based on scale out architecture)
  • Enterprise CDN with 500GB monthly traffic included.
  • Fully Managed Environment with DevOps admin included.
  • includes infrastructure, network, systems administration, application servers administration (PHP & WordPress fine-tuning)
  • Database administration (DBA function, query profiling, defragmentations, cache tuning and slow-query analysis).
  • 24×7 around the clock performance & health monitoring of all systems, components and your sites (application monitoring, we see what your visitors see: if your site is not performing correctly, is slow or not responding we are immediately alerted and working the problem, probably before you even know it).
  • 24×7 support & dedicated engineering team (5 min average response time by an experienced DevOps engineer – no escalations required).
  • Fully Managed Security with real-time threat prevention and mediation.
  • Highly Available Environment with Disaster Recovery (including offsite backups with point-in-time recovery).
  • Entirely LoadBalanced Master-Master / Active-Active topology including multi-node all Master Database Clustering (no Master/Slave configuration here).
  • Instant Backups with one click restore.
  • Staging Sites and Full Website Cloning Support.
  • Full Multisite Support.
  • Enterprise SSL Support with Online Certificate Management included.
  • Full Website Management from the Pressidium Portal (plugin updates, domain management, redirects, backups, staging, CDN, SSL and many more).
  • PHP56 and PHP7 runtime environments, including PHP7.2 (when either extreme performance or backward compatibility for any of your sites is required).
  • Enterprise Search included (Sphinx).
  • Full Geo-targeting/Geocaching support for localized websites based on X-Country-Code.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.


Leverage budget-friendly Enterprise architecture, consolidate costs and empower your business goals!

Our philosophy and approach at Pressidium is engineering robust and cost-effective systems. Starting out, we decided to build our High Availability architecture from scratch. This gave us two considerable advantages:

  1. Technical freedom to implement and optimize, even at the lowest levels of our platform.
  2. Reduced costs by not using third-party over-priced COTS services to substitute for in-house engineering

Enterprise-XS builds further on these two advantages. It achieves high-availability while offering 5x more raw computational power than any other competitive solution (other hosting providers merely provide a VPS, or in the best-case scenario, a 2-node conventional cluster at a considerably higher cost).

These savings are invested back into the platform, and ultimately returned to our clients, so that they are able to enjoy Enterprise-grade highly-available WordPress with white-glove VIP support, without breaking the bank.

However, the true power of Pressidium Enterprise goes beyond logistics. Our prime goal as a technology partner is to offer our engineering excellence and technical experience to your business. Enterprise architecture is not cheap, but you should not pay thousands of dollars for a overpriced third-party cloud solution either.

Our vision is to apply the same philosophy to our client’s business. Real, robust, and cost-effective Enterprise solutions that streamline, consolidate, and empower.

Enterprise WordPress starting from $790

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