DevOps Support Engineer

100% Remote Full-Time Position

Pressidium is looking for an experienced DevOps & WordPress Support Engineer who is customer service focused, knows their way around WordPress and Linux very well and loves providing solutions for customers. The right candidate will have experience in administering & supporting a full-stack WordPress setup (Caching, Application, Database), will be well familiar with the general concepts of systems administration, web hosting, and web development, and will have previously configured and managed multiple WordPress installations.


  • Member of the 24×7 Support Ops Team, monitoring the Helpdesk & responding to customer support requests (tickets)
  • Debugging WordPress performance issues by using log files and monitoring tools
  • Collaborating with clients (or the client’s development team) to understand the problem and find the best solution
  • Systems Operations – Administration, and 24×7 Oncall Functions including monitoring Systems Health & Performance Monitoring tools, receiving alerts/alarms and responding to system incidents (emergency response, troubleshooting, corrective actions).
  • Exposure to Systems Architecture Engineering & Design functions within the product and platform design team. Design opportunities and responsibilities will grow based on experience and skills gained.

Required Experience

  • Very fluent in spoken and written English
  • Full understanding of TCP/IP Network Protocols & Layers, including HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, SMTP and DNS
  • Experience in setting up and administering WordPress, WP Plugins and themes
  • Experienced in Linux Systems Administration via the command line interface/shell
  • Experience in configuring and administering Apache or NGINX webservers
  • Experience in MySQL database administration
  • Experience in shell scripting in bash or other shell scripting languages
  • Familiar with Configuration Management tools like Ansible, Puppet or Chef
  • Familiar with security concepts and firewalls including iptables
  • Familiar with Reverse Proxy, HTTP Caching & Load balancing technologies (Varnish, HA-Proxy, NGINX, Squid etc)

Bonus Skills (any may apply and will be considered a plus)

  • WordPress Site Migrations
  • WordPress Diagnostics
  • Authoring a WP theme or plugin, contributed to the core, and/or PHP, HTML & CSS development skills
  • Worked on other Open Source projects
  • Any experience with Server Clustering, Web Tier Topology –  High Availability Architecture, and Distributed Systems (including cloud computing, IaaS & virtualization)
  • Any experience in C Linux Programming will be considered a plus (Linux kernel patches, Apache modules, Nginx patches, patches for other applications etc)
  • Experience in working remotely / remote teams / slack

Must Have

  • A reliable internet connection, computer + video camera for group meetings
  • 40WPM+ typing fluency in English
  • A great attitude and a love for helping people!
  • Optimism, curiosity, and the ability to work as part of a team!
  • A high degree of perception and communication skills (for effective team communication via slack, and with customers via helpdesk tickets)
  • A love for Open Source

Does this Sound Cool or what?
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