An introduction to High Availability

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  • What is High Availability?
  • How does High Availability mitigate failures?
  • How is High Availability implemented?
  • Find out how to decide if your business needs High Availability
Organizations can’t risk having their website down for even a second. But, there is no hardware, no software, and no connection that is truly 100% reliable. WordPress relies on many interdependent components to deliver a truly powerful content management system. Each component needs careful consideration so that in case of an unplanned failure or scheduled maintenance, a website can continue running seamlessly, and users will never notice. This type of careful planning is at the heart of High Availability. ‘An Introduction to High-Availability Design’ explains common design paradigms used to mitigate the effects of unplanned system failure. This eBook introduces three fundamental principles of high availability and explains how WordPress behaves in highly-available deployments. An Introduction to High-Availability Design also offers systems architects, engineers, and administrators suggestions so they can mirror the practices that Pressidium has perfected over the past two decades. Alexander Newnham,
Content Manager at Pressidium








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